Ways To Find Free Land And Property

Claiming free land or property as a practice exists since the ancient times. You need to search and choose the right plot to claim. This article tells you how to claim effectively for free land.

Since time immemorial the practice of staking claim on free land or property has been in vogue. If one looks back at history, there are countless instances of such practices throughout.

From the pages of history one example that stands out in this regard can be said to be that of the new settlers who came to America. These people came claimed the free land and started building houses and creating farmlands on it.

Returning to the present, it can be safely said that there are countless vacant and unclaimed plots of land lying around unused and unregistered that can be claimed by common individuals like you and me.

The primary activity for you would be identifying a piece of free land to put your claim on. You need to be selective in this property identification process and undergo a little bit of detective work.

An unclaimed property always has some signs which one can identify. Overgrown gates and gardens, shrub lands, unused garages, broken or bordered up windows, even unused commercial premises and industrial buildings can be examples of such signs.

Unclaimed property or a piece of unwanted land might be of various forms and you need to be able to identify the same with some sure signs. Some of these signs include: overgrown gates, overgrown gardens, shrub land, broken or bordered up windows, derelicts, fields, old commercial premises, industrial buildings, unused garages and the like.

Once your identification is done, registration check is the next step for you. Contact the Land registry to know whether the plot of land is already registered, unregistered or is in the pending first application status.

If your selected piece of land is already registered, it might mean different things. For once, the owner might be dead without any relatives or may be that the relatives are there but have no interest in the said property. Infact it might also be the case that he has abandoned it for good and left the country altogether.

Now taking the second instance, that is, if the plot of land is unregistered, then this is your big chance! It essentially means it has no owner and has never been registered previously.

Thirdly, if the status is of ‚Pending first Application‘, it means that someone else has already made a claim on it. So, you would be better off if you leave this plot and search for another such one instead.

You need to involve yourself in owner tracing after registration check since proof of your attempts to do the same would be required at the time of staking the claim.

Some helpful tips regarding this would be to primarily ask the immediate neighbors and then go check with the local post office, electoral roles, news agents, milkman, landlords or even the probate registry office in case he has already died.

When you are ready to stake claim on the property, a good idea would be to create an evidence of your claim start date. Though this is not mandatory, but get hold of two friends or neighbors to sign as witnesses to your document.

Moreover, creating a ‚No Trespassing‘ Sign and putting it up a small fence around your property would quickly bring back any owner who might have existed.

You can make money while the long claiming period gets over. This period can even go upto 10 or 12 years and what you can do in between is either rent out the land or hold events like boot sales and the like.

The immediate neighbors of the property would undoubtedly be helpful towards your endeavor since nobody wants to live beside a derelict having overgrown gardens and garbage filled streams where there is chance of many unwanted activities taking place.

If you are looking for more information on adverse possession, you can get various CDs and booklets that would enlighten you on the different laws and legislations pertaining to the same and even websites who would undertake the outsourced owner tracing detective work from you.

There are various CDs and booklets available which talk about adverse possession and the legislations, forms and rules corresponding to the same. There are also private websites that carry out the detective work in tracing the owner and doing research about a said plot of land in exchange of a fee.

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