Are Tax Surplus Finder Fees Legal?

If you’ve heard that you can make huge finder fees on tax surpluses, you haven’t been led astray. Unlike state-held funds such as old bank accounts, stock dividends, and utility deposits, tax surpluses are often for huge amounts of money and aren’t advertised publicly on the state’s website. They’re the best-kept secret in the „found money“ business. But are tax surplus finder fees legal?

If you’ve studied your state’s code, you probably ran across a section titled „Unclaimed Property Act“ or something along those lines. In it, it outlines what happens to abandoned property, who holds it, how long they have to hold it, etc. It also outlines restrictions on those acting as money finders – helping claimants find their lost funds, and collecting a fee for their services.

Most states limit what money finders can charge at between 5-15%. This would appear to indicate that the 30-50% tax surplus finder fees are violating the law. Thankfully, not everything is as it seems.

The wording in the state code only applies to those funds held at the state level. If you read the code closely, it will describe what exactly constitutes „abandoned property“, and thus what those 5-15% limits apply to. Tax surplus finder fees ARE legal, because they fall outside of this definition (for a time).

What this means is that restrictions imposed on fees and finders do not (in most states) apply to finders working tax surpluses. Since there is a time when they are not considered „abandoned property,“ during that time finder fee limits don’t apply and requirements for who can work the funds also don’t apply.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a money finder can get around these state restrictions by working tax surpluses. Because of the high foreclosure rate, there are a lot of funds to be claimed – and once you get good at tax surpluses, you can move on to the huge surpluses created by mortgage foreclosure and also estates and missing heirs. There’s no end in sight to the creation of these funds, and you can safely and legally collect 30-50% as a finder for these funds.

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Source by Maggie Dawson

What’s the Difference Between a Digital and Offset Printer?

"Digital printing" can be a confusing term because the word "digital" is often used in different ways. To clarify its use when printing your marketing materials, let me point out the differences between using a traditional offset press, a direct imaging offset press, and a digital printer. Take special note of the pricing examples below to help demystify beliefs about digital printing. Then decide for yourself which option is most cost-effective for your projects.

Traditional Offset Presses

Traditional offset printing uses a plate for each color on the press. Today, most plates are imaged from computer files, but in the past, they were made from film negatives or camera-ready artwork that was photographed using a large graphics camera.

The process of having a plate for each color is called color separation. Colors can be spot colors (found in the well-known PMS swatch book) or process colors (derived from a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, each having its own plate). If you want a wide spectrum of colors in your printed piece, you’d use process color.

Offset presses are generally more cost-effective than digital printers for long print runs (usually 1000 sheets or more). Printing only one color is the least expensive option; 2-color printing costs more than 1-color; 3-color printing costs more than 2-color, and so on.

With offset printing, you will incur set-up charges, including color proofs, plates, and "make-ready" pages. (Make-ready pages are the sheets of paper that first come off the press while it’s getting warmed up. From examining make-ready pages, the press operator can adjust the flow of separate colored inks and achieve the desired balance of color.)

Computer to Plate (CTP) Technology

Many printing companies now skip the step of producing negatives and go "direct to plate" by taking the computer file and imaging the plates on a platesetter. With this process, there’s no need to make negatives. This technology is referred to as "computer-to-plate" or CTP.

Direct Imaging Presses (Digital Offset)

Some newer offset presses are equipped to image plates on the press, and these include the Heidelberg DI, Adast DI and Presstek DI. These presses are a good fit for jobs between 500 and 5,000 sheets.

Eye-Popping Tip

A typical sheet size is 11″ x 17″, therefore you can print two 8.5″ x 11″ flyers on one sheet, doubling the quantity.

Full-Color Digital Printers

Digital printing equipment such as the Xerox DocuColor or HP Indigo do not require printing plates. Because these presses do not use make-readies, negatives, or plates, they are the most cost-effective option for short runs (usually less than 500 sheets per job).

Digital printers can also print variable data (for example, addresses from a postcard mailing list or consecutive numbers on gift certificates). Also, because they only print either CMYK or black ink, costs are generally the same whether you print one color or four colors.

Price Comparisons

Project: 8.5″ x 11″ flyer on 100-pound glossy text paper printed on one side, 1000 copies, with the following specifications:

4-color on Digital Printer $300-$375

1-color on Offset Press (Traditional or CTP) $200-$250

2-color on Offset Press (Traditional or CTP) $275-$325

3-color on Offset Press (Traditional or CTP) $375-$425

4-color on Offset Press (Traditional or CTP) $600-$800

4-color on Offset Press (Gang Printer) $300-$375

Please note: This is a general list of prices for comparison purposes only. Your printing company’s prices may be higher or lower, depending on many factors including turnaround time.

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Source by Karen Saunders

Move to Phoenix AZ and Say Goodbye to Winter

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is located in the Salt River Valley in the southern central area of the state and is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. More than 20 surrounding communities cover 514 square miles situated in the lush Sonoran desert, considered to be the most beautiful desert in the world. The climate is warm, with low humidity and average temperature of 72.6 degrees and sunshine approximately 325 days per year. For this reason Phoenix is popularly known as the Valley of the Sun.

Over the last decade Phoenix has experienced a 24% population increase making it the 5th largest city in the country. With 4.3 million people and counting, Phoenix is ranked the second fastest growing metro area in the country. Approximately 50,000 people choose to relocate to the Valley of the Sun each year. Much of Phoenix’s popularity for those moving into the area can be attributed to a strong job force, quality schools, friendly business environment, reasonable cost of living, affordable housing thereby offering something for everyone from growing families with children, young singles as well as retirees.

10 million visitor annually, making tourism a major contributor to the city’s economy. Phoenix is home to many high profile luxury resorts such as the Arizona Biltmore Resort, Arizona Grand Resort and the recently remodeled Camelback Inn. Visitors are offered an endless variety of activities and attractions from sightseeing to arts and culture and festivals that keep them coming back year after year. Phoenix is also a popular spot for business conventions. The Phoenix Civic Plaza and Convention Center has been the city’s premier meeting venue for over 3 decades.

Phoenix offers an exciting diversity of old west history, culture and activities for every age. It is home to major professional sports teams including Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals. Outdoor lovers can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails offering breathtaking scenery. Valley Metro recently developed a 20 mile light-rail transit system that navigates throughout phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. There are dining options for every palate, a shopper’s paradise of malls and charming boutiques, Vegas style casinos and resorts and top ranked entertainment of all types. Healthcare is second to none with over 100 top healthcare facilities to serve both residents and visitors.

Phoenix has long been recognized for its strong job growth, especially in the areas of aerospace, bioscience and high-tech. Even after the recent economic slowdown, the Phoenix job market continues to grow at a steady rate, thus making it highly attractive for those looking to relocate for this reason. Phoenix houses a notable list of top Fortune 500 employers from education, government, healthcare, technology and manufacturing sectors. Some employers of note include Intel, US Airways, Honeywell Aerospace, Raytheon and Bank of America.

Schools are always an important consideration when choosing to relocate. Phoenix offers quality education and its commitment is evident in student’s performing above national averages in reading and math on standardized tests according to the Arizona Department of Education. With the recent upsurge in population each school district has been successful in expanding to accommodate this growth. There are currently 58 school districts with 400 public schools. In addition, 200 unique charter and private schools offering specialized course work serves over 600,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Higher education offers students exceptional opportunities to excel in over 79 colleges, trade schools and universities such as internationally renowned Arizona State University, University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University to name a few. The huge Maricopa Community Colleges network offers 11 colleges located on various campuses. It is nationally known for its programs in gerontology, dental hygiene, fire science, mathematics art and graphic design.

It is without question that Phoenix is a great place to live. From the urban city charm of numerous historic districts, contemporary loft living and lush condo developments sprinkled throughout a vibrant downtown to a variety of quiet suburban neighborhoods, there is a lifestyle option for anyone looking to relocate to Phoenix. The overall median home price in Phoenix has experienced steady growth thanks to the nation’s strong economic recovery. The good news is that despite steady growth, prices still remain very affordable. As of June 2013 the median price of a single family home in Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro) was $211,000. Based on a finance rate of 4.5% and 10% down, your base mortgage payment would be approximately $1,100 plus property taxes and homeowners insurance. Wherever you choose to live in the beautiful Valley of the Sun, you’ll find the perfect neighborhood to suite your unique lifestyle.

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Source by Julie Marshall Srednicki

Open Space Offices Exhaust Employees

In the beginning, the reasons for the creation of these open spaces were the rise in productivity, the creation of a collaborative working environment and creativity. In reality, however, the reason was different and the real reason was only the close monitoring of employees and the complete abolition of their privacy.

It is no coincidence, in support of the above, that in many of these open spaces, the supervisor is, usually found in a glazed cabin in which s/he retains some privacy in relation to ordinary employees, and can at the same time oversee others with his/her distinct role of power. This is about creating a modern production plant that has been transferred to the service sector. These spaces, however, create problems.

Especially for high-performance employees who need quietness to concentrate on their work, open spaces with the bustle created by other employees are an inappropriate environment for them. Things are even worse for introverts (50.7% of the population) who need their own space, the continued presence of others „above their heads“ may be a martyrdom. If a colleague likes listening to music, then martyrdom may be worse.

But besides sonic pollution there is also visual contamination, that is, the continuous movements of others distract attention, productivity vanishes. People do not want to be in constant and close contact with others at the workplace and it has been noticed that good employee absenteeism increases.

Alternatively, office spaces with glass partitions can be created in the case where it is not possible to have separate offices. It is also possible for the employee to work from home and one day a week to be in the company’s offices so that he is not isolated from his colleagues. All of these are different proposals that are discussed at times and some businesses have done them, especially and productivity is further reduced.

These data have been confirmed by a lot of research. More specifically, everyday 86′ work is lost due to the various inconveniences that occur in open space workplaces and 23′ per employee are needed to recover from these inconveniences. Productivity decreases by 15% and employee welfare is reduced by 32%. Let us not, of course, discuss the easy contamination of illnesses among employees. According to a 2011 research in Denmark, the likelihood of an employee getting ill in these places increases by 62%.

Open space offices may be appropriate for sales departments but not for other types of jobs. The solution proposed internationally is working from home, something that with the current technological advancement is absolutely feasible.

This way, the company saves money from renting premises and employees become more productive. Alternatively, office spaces with glass partitions can be created in case where it is not possible to have separate offices. Employees may also work from home and one day a week to be in the company’s premises so that not become alienated from his colleagues. All these are different proposals that are discussed at times and some enterprises have implemented them, especially working from home.

However, in this case, the balance between personal and professional life needs to be reconsidered because it has been noticed that home turns into an office with all the negative effects it can have on the employee’s family life.

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Source by Fotini Mastroianni

A Book Review Of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm"

Animal Farm is a savage satire on communist revolution written by George Orwell. Set on an English Farm named Manor Farm, this fable-like story concerns the misery that the animals faced in the hands of human beings. The story opens with Mr. Jones, a capable farmer, stumbling into bed after a night of excessive whisky drinking. Old Major, a reverential, time-honored pig, called all the animals together for a meeting which took place after Mr. Jones had gone to bed. They gathered outside the big barn on the farm. Old Major told them his extraordinary dream in which he saw his approaching death, and pointed out that their lives as farm animals were miserable, laborious, and short. They were forced to work like slaves up to the last atom of their strength, and once their usefulness had come to an end, they were slaughtered. Moreover, Old Major said that there is no animal in England that was free, and none of them should escape the cruel knife in the end. Old Major affirmed that the root cause of the farm animals‘ infelicitous existence was the tyranny of man.

For Old Major, mankind is lazy and is the only real enemy of the animals. Mankind is the root cause of hunger and overwork, stealing the whole produce of animal labor and consumes without producing. Indeed, he is the tyrant who serves the interests of no one else except himself. Old Major described his vision of England where animals could live in peaceful and plentiful coexistence with each other, free from the despotic rule of man. He taught the animals „Beasts of England“, a song which became their revolutionary anthem.

Old Major exhorted the farm animals to band together to defeat their common enemy by carrying out a rebellion, which led them to the establishment of Animal Farm, their model community in which all animals were equal. Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, gained control of the farm when Old Major died a few days after he spoke to the assembly. Napoleon succeeded in ousting Snowball. He became the absolute ruler. The animals adjusted with the human system of labor due to economic necessity, and learned that under the tyrannical Napoleon, their state of lives was as bad as their first when Mr. Jones was still in control.

The plot of the story can be attributed to different political ideologies, one of which was Plato’s idea on tyranny. Plato’s description of a tyrant is clearly manifested in the government ruled by Napoleon. First, a tyrant appears to be pleasant and gracious at the initial stages of his dominance to get the sympathy of the people. He shows himself as refined and congenial. Napoleon, the fierce-looking Berkshire boar, was primarily silent, allowing Snowball to express his aims and ideas on social and societal improvements. Nonetheless, as time went on, he was seen as always in disagreement with Snowball, and eventually made the latter as his rival. They often debated and this resulted to misunderstanding in almost about everything. The two boars divided the farm animals into two camps of supporters. Napoleon disapproved of Snowball’s plan to build a windmill which would eliminate hard labor. He refuted everything and asserted that it would be better if they concentrated on increasing the food production and that harvest was more important than the building of a windmill.

Second, a tyrant is always at war with the good. He uses the art of making war or conflict upon his rivals. He destroys them either secretly or openly because he believes they stand in his way of power. In addition, he undermines associations and takes the lives of his friends and allies who contradict or oppose his ideas. Accordingly, Napoleon thought that Snowball was the obstacle in his path to power. On a debate, he called for ferocious dogs which he trained and drove Snowball off the farm. Napoleon succeeded in ousting his rival and became the single leader of the farm animals.

Third, a tyrant breeds mutual distrust. He destroys associations, isolates people, makes them strangers, and deprives them off of their arms. He humiliates his subjects and makes them incapable of action. Napoleon broke his association with Snowball by expelling him to be able to gain control of Animal Farm. Squealer, Napoleon’s spokesperson, was the one who informed the people about Napoleon’s ill-meaning plans. His orders were in a way sadistic. The farm animals were commanded to toil to and fro even if it was difficult for them. They worked like slaves and were led to believe that the fruits of their hard work would benefit themselves and not the human beings. Besides, Napoleon pronounced that genuine happiness was gained through hard work and earning frugally. The farm animals‘ ignorance became his advantage, and convinced them that their efforts would benefit them in the end, even if it exceeded their capabilities. The farm animals had no power to initiate and were utterly enslaved. No one even dared to speak his mind. They became submissive to Napoleon who broke their spirit and made them subservient and inferior. Clover, the cart-horse, being unable to read, was effortlessly deluded by Napoleon’s commandments and obeyed false rules due to her illiteracy. It is one of the desires of a tyrant that his subjects should be incapable of action so that they will not realize his misdemeanor, for no one attempts what is impossible, and that they will not attempt to overthrow a tyrant, if they were powerless.

Fourth, a tyrant, once in power, isolates himself from the outside world. He provides for himself with sentinels. Frequently, when Napoleon was already reigning in Animal Farm, he rarely appeared in public. He spent most of his time in the farmhouse. He was protected by his fierce-looking dogs. He issued his orders through one of the other pigs, usually Squealer. Whenever Napoleon appeared in public, he was attended to by his entourage of vicious dogs. He had no regard for any public interest, except as conducive to his private ends. Napoleon aimed for pleasure and had all the vices. He also aimed for wealth for through this only can a tyrant maintain either his guards or his luxuries. Napoleon was engrossed in making pleasure for himself, and became desirous of riches. He was proud, yet his love for money cheated him when Frederick, the owner of Pinchfield Farm, paid him forged banknotes and even attacked his farm and destroyed the windmill.

Finally, a tyrant confuses his subjects by asking writers to compose poems and songs to pay tribute to his glory. This would conceal his transgressions, leading his subjects astray and making them think that their ruler is not ruthless at all. In the story, there were recitations of poems composed in Napoleon’s honor. „Comrade Napoleon“ was a poetry composed by Minimus, expressing the magnificent reign of Napoleon and the superb feeling towards him on the farm.

Thomas Aquinas’s idea on the dangers of tyranny was expressed in the story. According to Aquinas, tyranny is the worst kind of government for the tyrant brings the community to peril through his unjust rule. The government of Napoleon was, indeed, in the form of tyranny. Napoleon paid no heed to the common good and sought his own private good. Yet, Aquinas declared that if the dictatorship is slight, it would be more advisable to tolerate it than for citizens to involve themselves into rebellion against the despot. None of the farm animals dared to go against Napoleon because they were terrified and ignorant, and they thought that if those who act against him were unable to triumph, they would be oppressed and the cruelty that they were experiencing would be graver.

Political ideologies by Niccolo Machiavelli are also apparent in Animal Farm. According to Machiavelli’s The Prince, in order to be complied with by his subjects, a ruler, which he specified as a prince, should not deviate from what is good, but be able to do evil if necessary in order to maintain authority. Napoleon even managed to kill his subjects who he considered as supporters of Squealer. Some of them committed suicide, yet the farm animals did not dare to rebel against Napoleon’s private actions for some were ignorant and others emphasized that Napoleon could do no wrong, and was thus, always right, which therefore helped him retain his power.

Machiavelli stated that it is very profitable for a prince to give some outstanding example of his greatness in the internal administration. He must endeavor in every action to obtain fame and to appear outstanding for being good and excellent. Nothing would cause a leader to be so much esteemed as having great projects and giving proof of prowess. Napoleon demonstrated himself as a brilliant administrator by wearing medals, most of which were awarded to him by himself. He was attended by his retinue of huge, vicious canines who frisked around him, growling and scaring the farm animals. Napoleon was referred in formal style as „Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon“ and other dignifying, invented titles. His alter ego, Squealer, would talk in a speech, with tears rolling down his cheeks, about Napoleon’s wisdom, the righteousness of the latter’s heart, and the deep love that he showed to all the farm animals, even to those who they thought were discontented and still existed in ignorance and slavery. Every successful achievement and stroke of good fortune were credited to Napoleon. Farm animals were even heard as giving respects and praises to Napoleon, saying that they had profited from his administration.

Napoleon was able to contrive great things. He kept the farm animals‘ minds uncertain, astonished and gripped in watching the results. These actions have arisen one out of the other, and left them no time to settle down and act against him. Napoleon fraudulently ordered the farm animals to work hard in order to attain their aspirations for a better life. They were immersed with hard labor, believing that its results would be to their advantage. Boxer, who was one of the most loyal workers on the farm, accepted and performed everything that his authorities commanded, despite his poor health, the long hours of labor and insufficient ration of food which were hard to shoulder. Furthermore, the desired ends were not directed to those who exerted efforts but to Napoleon. Machiavelli’s notion of a wise prince is one who seeks means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things, have a need for government and that they would always be faithful and obedient to him. He is, indeed, powerful and courageous who will always overcome difficulties by raising the hopes of his subjects, advising them that the evils will not last long, and stressing the greatness of bringing the enemy to justice. Animal Farm showed Napoleon ordering the rebuilding of the windmill, underlining that Snowball, his prime suspect, should be taught a lesson and prove to him that he cannot undo their hard work easily. Thus, the farm animals, though some were in disbelief that Snowball could do such action, toiled hard and grew exhausted. Nevertheless, their hearts blindly continued to burst with pride when their masterpiece was done. It was put forth that alls well that ends well, that the discouragements and iron labor had been overcome.

In the end, the farm animals remained hopeful for a society free from hunger and the whip, all equal, each working according to his capacity. They seemed contented to work like slaves towards the objectives of their tyrannical ruler who eventually aspired equality with humans. The farm animals were satisfied with the fact that the fruits of their labor benefited their fellow animals and not the human beings which they initially considered as the tyrant.

Tyranny would have not continued to control the Manor Farm if the farm animals would have been wise enough to choose their new leader after Old Major died. Since during his reign, they have practiced democracy under the governance of Mr. Jones, the farm animals should have continued their democratic practice, especially in choosing or the election of a new leader. Instead, they just accepted the new government under Snowball and Napoleon, and were made to believe that pigs were clever enough to rule. Napoleon, who was initially a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, would not have taken over if the farm animals would have been mindful and sensible enough to elect a governor who is unlikely to become a tyrant. The farm animals should not have shown the white feather and become submissive. The new administration must have been established that the possibility to tyrannize was eliminated. Their new leader’s power should have been regulated and that the citizens should have strived to maintain their right to be heard. The power of the single ruler should have been moderated if their government had other branches that would make stipulations if ever their new leader would lead to tyranny. There should have been a marshal to monitor the ruler’s conduct. The farm animals, moreover, should have been informed about their ruler’s undertakings and asked if they are in agreement or contrary to his plans.

A democratic set-up could have managed the farm animals‘ situation well. The modern democratic administration employs the success of the ruler is merely not for himself, but also for the majority. The rule of the majority of the farm animals should have prevailed. They should not have left themselves duped by their ruler’s wrongdoings and fought for their right to swear in a capable, transparent, and humane administrator. Snowball manifested an optimistic and skillful leader. The farm animals, knowing that he was competent enough to lead their society into the majority’s ideal form, should have fought for his rule right at the start, albeit massive destruction would have happened because if they really wanted a new society under a fair government, they would not have left themselves suffering and badly yearning for better conditions, because by hook or by crook, they would have fought for their rights and aspirations.

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Source by Sheena B Ricarte

The Best Resources For Fountain Hills Homes For Sale

Are you looking to relocate to Arizona? Why not consider Fountain Hills homes for sale? Fountain Hills is named after the town’s famous fountain. This fountain was first built in the early 1970s and was constructed by Robert P. McCulloch. To this day the fountain runs and shoots 560 feet in the air. At one time it was the largest fountain in the world. It has since then settled as one of the talent fountains in the world, delivering 7,000 gallons a minute. Still an amazing feat!

These homes for sale are diverse. There are custom-made homes here as well as three-unit structures, town houses and apartments. The total land area is 18.2 square miles. The population is over 20,000 and almost half are family households. There is estimated to be about 10,491 housing units in the town. Over 96% of the population is white. The media age is 46, meaning this is a fairly wealthy and settled community. The median income is $70,096 and is about average for the state. It’s not as wealthy a community as Scottsdale or Arcadia, but still very affluent overall.

This is an excellent location for business travelers, as it is placed in Maricopa County, near major cities and locations like Scottsdale and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. It is also considered one of the fastest growing towns in the entire state. There is certainly no lack of culture here; in addition to numerous attractions and establishments, the town also brings its residents two annual fairs, and a few art fairs. The town also celebrates a Thanksgiving Day parade, the only one of its kind west of Mississippi.

If you have children then you will be relieved to know that this real estate is located near four schools: McDowell Mountain Elementary, Four Peaks Elementary, Fountain Hills Middle School and Fountain Hills High School. There is also a charter school within the area.

Why not start searching for homes for sale in this area? Be aware that public listings, even Internet listings, are not always up to date. The best route to take is to find a real estate agent that can search MLS listings. Real estate agents also have access to the newest Fountain Hills homes for sale that just went on the market.

Become a part of this welcoming community! Fountain Hills real estate is worth every penny, as it is one of the most lively and picturesque towns in the U.S.!

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Source by Andrew Holm

How Your Real Estate Agent EARNS Your Trust?

For most of us, the value of our family home, represents our single – biggest, financial asset! Therefore, wouldn’t it, make sense, to hire, someone, who might make the biggest difference, in your results, from easing the process, to getting the deal, transacted? However, since, many find this period, stressful, etc, quality teamwork, and mutual trust, are essential (what is often called, being, on the same – page)! Before hiring someone, ask yourself, why do you (or don’t you) trust that individual, and what is needed, for a real estate agent, so he EARNS that vital bond! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance: It’s wise to thoroughly, interview potential representatives, before deciding, who, to hire, as your real estate professional/ agent! During this process, consider, whether the individual, is ready, willing, and able to effectively, listen, far more than he speaks! Does he seem to be able to customize his discussion, or, does it seem, like he is using some sort of script? Only, when you hire someone with genuine empathy, will he proceed with the understanding of your, specific needs, and priorities, and place his emphasis, accordingly! Are you convinced, he will place his efforts, on proceeding, with quality, and excellence, instead of the same – old, same – old? Since, there are often, obstacles, and challenges, you should seek, someone, with the endurance, persistence, etc, to make a difference, for you!

2. Attitude; aptitude; articulate; attention; actions: Great agents possess a positive, can – do, attitude, combined with a well – developed, aptitude, and skill – set, to serve their clients! Paying keen attention to details, articulating a message, which inspires potential buyers, to seriously consider, and bid, on your house, and proceeding with the best strategic and action plans, and, proactively, taking the actions, which produce results, are essential, to earning trust, and respect!

3. Responsive; region; relevant; reliable; responsible: To earn your trust, an agent must be responsive to your specific situation, etc, and produce, reliable, responsible approaches, to achieve, the finest possibilities, and results! To do so, he must know you region/ area, in – detail, and proceed, forward, in the most relevant way!

4. Needs; neighborhood: No two people, are exactly, alike, and, thus, it’s important to address the specific client’s needs, and priorities! In addition, he should be a neighborhood – expert, so he provides the best combination of knowledge, marketing, and input!

5. System; solution; service: Examine an agent’s suggested system, and consider if it addresses, and produces a quality, viable solution, to serve your best interests! The finest agents, consistently, provide the best service, etc!

Before hiring a real estate agent, do all you can, to ensure, he EARNS your trust! That’s the best way, to protect, your enormous investment, in your house!

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Source by Richard Brody

Questions to Ask Your List Broker

What is Included?

Make sure you know what kind of direct marketing list you are purchasing. Does the list include both names and addresses? Are phones included? What about emails? Don’t assume that because you have asked for a mailing list, that phones or emails will be included. Some mailing lists will include phones, but many will not. Mailing lists don’t usually come with email addresses, but a lot of email lists will have mailing addresses. It’s very, very important that you and your list broker are clear on what type of direct marketing list you want to use.

You should also know what ’selects‘ are offered. A select is an element that can be used to further target a direct marketing list, such as geographic areas, job titles, industries, age, marital status, etc. Depending on how the data on the lists is collected will determine which selects are available. Some lists will have countless selects that you can apply to the list to narrow down the target, while other lists won’t be able to offer any.

How are They Sourced?

It’s important to know where the information on the marketing lists comes from. Obviously, you want to know that the information is legitimate and compliant, but did you know that your response rate may vary on how the list sourced? There is a big difference between direct marketing lists sourced from actual purchasing behaviors and lists that are compiled from public records.

Source can be classified as either responsive or compiled. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Response – these are individuals who have freely supplied their contact information. They are usually gathered through sources like magazine subscriptions, catalogs and previous direct marketing responses. These lists are often more expensive than compiled lists as the information is self reported and is often very specific. These lists can be sorted by interests, household income, marital status and other factors.
  • Compiled – are made up of individuals with similar interests, like real estate agents or dog breeders. These lists are compiled using a variety of public sources, including government databases, vehicle registrations, credit card lists, and phone records. These lists tend to be less expensive than response lists as they are easier to keep updated, and the selections available are not nearly as refined. The household or business contacts on these lists can be further sorted by geographic locations, gender, ethnicity, income and age.

Your list broker should be able to guide you as to which list source would work best for your direct marketing campaign.

What is the actual Cost?

Understanding your list cost is crucial. You don’t want to be in a position where you think you know what the list cost is going to be, only to find out it’s not what you were expecting and now you’re over budget. Your ROI depends on Your list broker should either provide you with a data card or a full-on proposal explaining the full cost of you list. If you don’t understand what your list broker provides you with, or if you have any questions ask!! You can’t afford not to know what you are purchasing.

Direct Marketing Lists will usually be priced out as a base price, with additional select and delivery costs.

The base cost of a list is priced out as a per thousand cost, meaning that you are charged a certain amount for every 1,000 contacts you would like to use. The per thousand cost is expressed as „/M“.

Depending on the list, there may be additional fees for adding telephones or emails. It is very important to make sure you are aware of these charges.

The select cost is also listed as a per thousand cost. The more selects you apply to your list, the more targeted your list will be and the better the results. However, it will also add to overall cost of your list.

Processing and delivery charges are flat fee charged by the list owner to have the data formatted and delivered. The costs vary from owner to owner and can range anywhere from $25 – $100.

So, if the base cost of a list is $95/M and you are looking for 5,000 records, your base cost would be $475. If you would like to target homeowners within a certain area and would phones to be included, there would be additional costs. Selecting just homeowners will cost you $10/M, geo will be included and phones will be an additional $30/M. This makes cost $525. Add $50 for processing and delivery and your cost will be $575. Your list broker should be able to explain all the costs involved.

Be aware that many lists have minimum volume requirements. If the number of records you need fall below the list owner’s minimum, you may be charged a supplemental fee. Conversely, many list owners will offer volume discounts if the number of contacts on your list is large.

Lastly, make sure you know what currency the list is being quoted in. There are list owners all over the globe working in different currencies, don’t assume you are being quoted in your country’s currency.

How Current are They?

How old is the list and when was it last updated? Direct marketing lists go bad with age. People or businesses move, contacts leave or switch departments, people pass away, etc. There’s no shortage of circumstances that will affect the contact information in a list. Most list owners will run a standard update every 30 days removing bad entries. This ensure that the data you are using is accurate and deliverable. There’s no point in using a list if the information on it isn’t accurate, so make sure your list is up to date.

Are They Compliant?

Email and telemarketing lists must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act and National Do Not Call registry, respectively. If you are planning a direct marketing campaign outside of the United States, you need to be sure the list is compliant to the rules and regulations of that country. The onus is on you, the end user to make sure you are in compliance. Being sold a bad list is not a defence and the fines for violating the regulations can be stiff. Ask your list broker to confirm that your list is complaint.

There are a lot of list brokers out there who are only interested in getting your money. They have cheap direct marketing lists that are non-compliant and outdated. Protect yourself from these shady list brokers by asking the right questions. If they can’t or won’t answer your questions, then steer clear of them. A legitimate list broker will have no problem answering any questions that you may have.

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Source by Greg Rubin

Top 4 Things You Need To Know Before Selling A Home

It goes without saying, that selling a house is a major financial transaction that will significantly impact your economic health for many years to come. This is the reason why it’s imperative to ensure you understand what needs to be done to make a quick and lucrative sale. Besides, home buyers are looking for the best, so a home for sale by owner can easily slip through the cracks if it is not in tip-top condition and is not advertised properly. Whether you are a seasoned home selling veteran or a first time home seller, the process of selling a home will inevitably be challenging and complex.

Nonetheless, with a little know-how, you will be able to sell your home in no time. Listed below are four important things you need to know before selling a home.

1. Set a reasonable asking price- Properly pricing a home for sale is one of the most, if not the most, important parts of selling a house. Besides, if you overprice your house it either won’t sell, or it will take much longer to sell than it should. Home buyers are streetwise and know immediately when a home for sale is overpriced. Consecutively, you should always ask for a price that’s realistic which can bring you buyers instead of overcharging and turning off many potential buyers.

2. Make your first impression count- In today’s highly competitive market, first impressions are everything if you want to sell your house fast and for the highest possible price. Furthermore, do your best to make sure your home looks as inviting as possible. Besides, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to tidy up the garden, cut the grass and plant a few flowers.

3. Advertise your property online- With the advent of the Internet, more and more people are searching for houses for sale online. It is therefore vitally important that you advertise your house on as many of the major property web portals as possible. Furthermore, while listing your house online, make sure you provide relevant photos of the interior as well as exterior of your home. Besides, attractive display pictures and detailed description makes your chances better for a higher volume of relevant responses.

4. De-clutter your home- Before showing your house to the buyers, make sure you thoroughly clean your house and de-clutter it of any unused or extra articles. Also, organize your wardrobes and other storage spaces and try to highlight more empty space. Any home buyer would notice available storage spaces in the home, as they are one of the important segments of the home.

While these were some of the things you need to know before selling your house, there are many others, such as clear your dues, depersonalize your space, inspect the house among many others.

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Source by Tushar Deep Singh

Brilliant Beds For Sleepy Heads! The Bed Buyers Guide

Beds are a very personal thing, as humans we are all different, when it comes to beds will all have different needs and our own personal preferences. If you are thinking about buying a new bed, no doubt you will already be spoilt for choice. I can’t make the final decision for you, but I can definitely give you some advice and ideas which will help you ultimately make a good choice. If you have any type of medical condition it would be a good idea if you consult your doctor first and maybe get some advice about which bed may be best to suit you.

Beds which are of excellent quality will usually last the duration of 8 to 10 years. After 10 years most of the beds which are on the market would probably need to be changed. If you can’t seem to get your head around that, you should at least think about changing the mattress.

Buying a new bed

If finances are tight and your budget is not too big, you may be considering buying a second hand bed. At first, this may seem like a real bargain — but beware, the bed is likely to be worn and will more than likely be the home to many dust mites and other annoying pests. An old bed could even be unsafe, not matching up to the latest and current safety standards. Is a bargain really worth all the hassle and the possible risk of injury?

Bed size

Taking into consideration your budget and size of your bedroom, you should aim to buy the biggest bed possible. You will soon fast get to learn many beds which are marked and sold as double beds are hardly big enough for two people to bed down in together. Even as little as an extra 8 inches can make a massive difference to how comfortable you and your partner will be when you choose to rest. Bearing in mind your new bed will obviously have to be able to fit into your bedroom. When measuring, make sure you allow enough space for entering and leaving the room and other tasks such as opening closets, wardrobes, and Windows. It may sound hilarious, but these are very easy mistakes to make!

It is a good idea to set some time aside and draw out a plan of your bedroom and try to use cardboard cutouts which imitate different bed sizes. This will give you a brilliant idea of how you will manage with your new bed. You will probably find you will end up reorganizing your bedroom completely.

Please be aware that some bed sizes vary from country to country. Make sure you check which sizes apply to you.

Types of Bed

There really are a huge variety of beds available in all different styles. Before you make an ultimate decision why not check out all the options available to you? You might end up finding a bed which really is a reflection of your personality!

Is There Under Bed Storage?

It’s always handy to make sure you’ve got places to put stuff away. Many beds usually come with under bed storage. This might cost a little extra but it is certainly worth it as it can increase your space. This is another instance which can be covered by your bedroom plan and imitation cutouts. There would be no point buying a bed with great under bed storage if you can’t access it properly.

Trying your bed

There are many obvious advantages to making a purchase online, but when it comes to buying a bed traditional brick and mortar stores do have the upper hand. You can’t substitute personal advice which you would find in shop, and also you are able to test drive your mattress and really get a good idea of what it will feel like to sleep on alone and with your partner. Maybe you could find the make and model of the bed you like in a traditional shop, and then look to purchase the same type online and check if there are discounts available.

Taking into consideration you could possibly spend more than a third of your life in your bed it is a good idea to make a sound investment and buy the best bed you can afford.

I hope this article has given you a real heads up and helped to clarify a few things with regards to buying a new bed. All I can say is may you have many sweet dreams!

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Source by Jeremy Baptiste

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