The Origins of the Six Percent Real Estate Agent Commission

The commission paid to the Real Estate agent is a serious amount of money and a concern in any transaction involving the sell of Real Estate. Where did this six percent commission come from?

The idea of a 6% Real Estate commission being paid to the agent originated during the 1940’s when local Real Estate Boards openly engaged in price fixing to establish a standard rate. This process was an out and out case of an unfair practice, but the 1940’s was a time when the attention of the country was directed to some serious external matters and the idea took hold and spread quickly through the industry.

In the early 1950’s, the Supreme Court ruled that an established 6% commission was illegal. Rather than open up commissions to a more competitive and free market system, the Real Estate Boards merely shifted gears with a bit of fancy linguistic footwork and began to call the 6% commission the „suggested“ amount. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, they managed to get away with this practice without much trouble as the majority of real estate agents complied with the suggestion.

In the 1970’s lawsuits brought against the Real Estate Boards effectively put the skids on this practice. The Real Estate agent’s commissions were opened up to competition without the Boards either being able to mandate or even suggest 6% as the carved into stone rate. However, the rate did not alter very much in the years following these court cases. Although the rate may not have been carved into stone, it was pretty much established in the Real Estate market as a standard.

Generally, competitive markets benefit consumers. As long as someone is willing to offer a discounted rate, it would seem that the consumer stood to save money. However, the proponents of a standard 6% rate commission point to such things as health care to argue that the standard rate may actually be helping the consumer by holding the commission down to 6% rather than propping it up to that level. Although the cost of health care is not regulated, the general trend has been straight up off the charts.

Real Estate agents would be quick to point out that if you were to take a close look at just about any service or product being offered or sold in the 1940’s, you would find a very serious increase in cost to the consumer. Except for Real Estate commissions which are still right around 6%. The amount being paid to the agents has increased greatly merely because the value of the property being sold has increased. Today, the internet has been responsible for a few chips in the rock of the 6% commission by offering some straight fee or reduced rate services that allow the sellers to list their own properties. The results are still mixed and the 6% commission is still the standard.

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How to Save for a House Down Payment – 5 Awesome Tips

Top 5 awesome tips to save for a down payment

Want to own your own house? Well, who doesn’t? You may not be looking to buy a house now but eventually you will. Owning a house is a dream of most people but only a lucky few manage to get a home that they really want. You are not alone if you are worried about saving enough money for a down payment. Hopefully, our tips for saving money will help you gather the amount required for the down payment on the flat that you have been eyeing.

Your bank will finance almost 80% cost of the house/flat (in some cases 90%). The balance is down payment that you will have to self finance. This is a substantial amount for a middle class family. For example, If your 2 bedroom kitchen costs Rs. 30 Lakhs, then your bank would finance up to 24 lakhs and the rest 6 lakhs has be self financing.

Home buying is a complex decision especially if you are a first time home buyer. You will need professional help that will help you get the best homes at best price. Enough money in the bank before going out shopping for a house will give you confidence and peace of mind while choosing a home. We are going to share some tips For saving money here that will help you take control of your finances and save for that daunting looking down payment.

1. Track your spending and expenses

OK, we admit this is one of the most boring and clichéd tips for saving money BUT tracking your spending really works. There are a plethora of apps and websites that help you track your spending and keeps a running total of the amounts you spend on specific items or categories.

This process is an eye opener for many. Sometimes we don’t see the obvious until an app tells us!! You will need to cut down on luxuries and divert money towards savings. Finding out where your money goes is the first step in figuring out how to keep more of it in the bank.

2. Invest in Mutual Funds- Don’t be afraid, Research

Do a simple research on the power of compounding or power of compound interest and you will understand why mutual funds are one of the most popular methods of investing these days. India has seen, in the recent times, a sudden spurt in the number of people investing in mutual funds. While there are many things that you need to consider before investing in mutual funds, we recommend that you start a monthly SIP in an equity fund that matches your risk appetite.

Generally, equity funds are the best since they offer you high rates of returns. These funds are also risky because the market fluctuations in these equity funds can be regular affair but over a period of time Mutual Funds usually offer better returns than the Bank FD rates.

Go to a website named and read about Mutual Funds. The end decision is yours but we speak from personal experience-mutual funds offer good returns on investments. There are multiple number of SIP calculators that will help you plan the exact amount of savings, you require each month to reach your down payment in a particular period of time. For example if you are planning to buy a house in 2020, A mutual fund SIP calculator will tell you how much money you need to start saving for your 20% down payment.

This method of investing is not one of the usual tips for saving money but is a method that helps grow your money.

3. Make a Monthly budget and stick to it

Sticking to a monthly budget will be tough especially if you are used to a life of indulgence and luxury. Sticking to a strict budget often isn’t a lot of fun and is challenging. Remember, A penny saved is a penny earned. Having said that allow yourself an occasional treat or two but treat it as an exception and ALWAYS make up for the cost of this exception in other activities. Some belt-tightening now is a minor sacrifice that will quickly be forgotten when you are getting the keys to your new home.

4. Start Saving Early

Have you heard of the saying well begun is half done? One of the major deficiencies of our education system is that we are not taught financial literacy at a young age. We are not taught how to save and why to save. We don’t know about long term and short term financial goals.

Although our moms always insist on saving, majority of us lack proper financial literacy. Start saving early, dedicate at least 15 to 20% of your salary savings each month. Start with your first job when responsibilities are less. Some people save as much as 50%n of their savings while they can. Among numerous Tips for saving money this one is the most powerful.

Benefits of starting to save early is that by the time you reach 30 you will have enough money for a down payment on your house.

5. Look for ways to boost your income

For most of us middle class salaried people, there is only one source of money coming in (i.e. monthly salary). At the most, both husband and wife are working so in such cases there are two sources of money coming in. The number of avenues through which the money goes out is always more than the number of ways through which money comes in. Consider your income and expenses as an upside down funnel. Every successful person understands that additional sources of revenue need to be created in order to save money.

There are many ways through which you can create an alternate source of money. You can consider starting a blog, YouTube channel or simply affiliate marketing. You can start an online store and make good money if you have done proper research. There is multiple number of videos online through which you can learn about online businesses.

You don’t need a considerable investment to start any of these activities. All you need is a laptop and some time. There is TedX video on YouTube which says that you only need 20 hours to learn a skill to a satisfactory level.

Your budget consists of two parts: money coming in, and money going out. You’ll get the best results if you make improvements on both sides.

Open a saving bank account for the purpose of down payment and consider it untouchable. Barring a major emergency, don’t even toy with the idea of spending any of that money until you are ready to purchase a home. It’s easier to keep an off-limits down payment fund if you set up a separate account dedicated solely to this purpose.

Treat this bank account as a black hole in which light goes in but nothing comes out.

Here is a video with some more tips for saving money


We hope these tips for saving money for a down payment on your home have helped you. Saving for a down payment on your home is tough but not impossible. There are other things that you can do to get financial benefits. For Example, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is a great scheme that has benefited millions.

Also Listen to the Podcast

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Foreclosure Mediation

This is a program provided by many court systems. The homeowner who is looking at foreclosure on their home may be able to work out a solution that is mutually beneficial to the homeowner and mortgage company. To qualify for foreclosure there are different requirements according to the jurisdiction. Most people are eligible because it is in the best interest for both the mortgage company and the homeowner to work out an agreement instead of going through with foreclosure. Going through this program does not guarantee the foreclose will not go forward. It is up to both parties involved to work out the agreement that work for both of them.

A third independent part presides over the foreclosure mediation. This independent part is called the mediator who will meet with the representative of the mortgage company and the homeowner. Their role in this proceeding is to structure discussion so that it will lead to a production solution. They may also take a proactive role in suggesting solutions that will benefit the homeowner and representative. The mediator will often meet with the homeowner and representative privately to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of their position in the negotiation.

While there is no guarantee that foreclose will be delayed, canceled, or stayed it does give both parties the probability of a good outcome. One outcome is a restructuring of payments to ease the financial burden of the homeowner along with the repayment of any back debt that is owed on the mortgage. There is also a drastic possibility is forbearance. This is a temporary staying of payments until some event occurs where the homeowner could better meet their financial obligation. Forbearance does allow for a delay of payment but the interest on the mortgage will continue to accure.

When the homeowner comes to the foreclosure mediation it is important that they are able to show their ability to pay if they are given a proposed solution. If the homeowner is seeking forbearance then the homeowner will have to show the lender the likelihood of some event that will lead to their ability to resume the payments of the mortgage at some time in the near future. If the homeowner is requesting a restructuring of payments, they will need to show what is different about the restructure that will allow them to make the payments when they could not make the regular mortgage payments. One difference might be that the restructured payments are not as much as the regular mortgage payments.

It is in the best interest of the homeowner to request foreclosure mediation and comply with what agreed upon so they will not lose their home. For the mortgage company they would not have to worry about selling a foreclosed home.

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Orlando Vacation Homes – Home Stages A Must in Disney Vacation

The direct impact of financial crisis on mortgage industry, it is observed that there are so many foreclosures and reduced price homes are available in the present real estate market. These Foreclosure homes and low priced homes are available to the world. However, the vacation homes surrounding the Disney and Orlando are the hottest one in the real estate market. This is the great time to invest on these vacation homes because you can purchase these homes at reduced price now, after some years it will give good returns on your investment.

Everyone would like to purchase vacation home in this Disney area, because of the tourist in this area is still flooding, when it comes to accommodation, their first choice is these homes. There are so many hotels and motels are in this are, they are too much expensive for a common man. However, the privacy is more important when you are visiting this place. These Orlando homes will definitely protect your privacy and comfort of your home. Especially, these homes are offering personalized swimming pool, rooms for indoor games, latest technology made Televisions and the best furniture for your needs.

And the important one is the kitchen;the facilities in this kitchen will save you money instead of eating in restaurants. So everybody would like to eat in the kitchen. And also it is the best place for home gathering.

There are so many varieties are available in vacation homes like Davenport and Orlando homes and many more for your needs. These homes are placed in minutes away from all the major attractions like Disney theme parks and many more. Due to the present situations, these homes are in very high demand and lot of competition. However, you can purchase these Orlando homes with the help of esteemed real estate agent in this Florida city. You can select the best home depending upon your size of the family.

There are some well established, experienced real estate real estate agents are available in this city. With their professional service, so many people are interested to purchase these Orlando homes at low prices. However, if you want to know more information, you need to visit their web site. From that web site, you can obtain valuable information and daily listing, foreclosures and Multiple listing services.

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How to Go From Bum to Billionaire in 90 Days or Less

Here’s the article that shows you how to go from being totally flat broke and homeless to becoming a billionaire in 90 days or less.

Step 1) You’re homeless so you find a place to live. Under a bridge or in a homeless shelter or you find yourself a friend and ask if you can crash on their couch. (time: 2 days)

Step 2) You try and get in on any slight advantage you can. That means anything from a) asking friends family for a loan. b) getting on social assistance c) finding where you can get a free meal d) working some temp jobs e) perhaps buying and selling something for quick cash ie: you scalp tickets at a game or something f) getting your resume done up and placed online and in print. (time: 2 days)

Step 3) By this point lets say you’re at least barely stable. You’re still jobless though. So you start applying for work. You turn it into a challenge to see how many places you can apply at and or interview at perday. Like the guiness book of world records winner for applying at 500 places per day and interviewing at 10 of those places daily. Like you turn it into a marathon. You literally apply for „any job“ within your city. Anything from the CEO to McDonalds. And you set a goal to have a job in 1 week or less. 2 at the max. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 4) By this point not a month has gone by and you have a place to stay and you have a job. You get your first paycheck. By that time your time on your friends couch or homeless shelter is up. So you say goodbye and you find someone who’s renting a room in there home for dirt cheap. You rent that and move in. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 5) With your next paycheck you buy a used computer and you begin using that after work. You work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, that gives you 8 hours to surf the web. So you use that time to start to learn real estate investing. You just study everything and anything you can find on real estate investing over the net. Your goal is to become „an expert“ at real estate investing. You join all the real estate clubs in the area. You find a real estate mentor. You buy a good real estate home study course. You use your commute time to listen to audio about real estate investing etc etc. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 6) You start to network with other real estate investors. And make an extra effort to get to know the bigger players at the real estate investment club. You make up some business cards. Exchange with them and get to know them. You try and get one of the bigger players to be your mentor. That is done simply by making friends with them. So you start making connections.

And you start looking at possible investment properties on the MLS listing sites online. (time: 1 week)

Step 7) You keep saving money from your day job, keep networking, keep learning real estate investing, and keep working your tale off. Now you’ve saved enough to launch your real estate business. You print out some business cards. Buy a cheap $500 car as that will be important. A cheap suit. A cheap breifcase. And you place an ad in the local paper and online classifieds saying something like: „Earn 10-15% annual return on investment. Your name on real estate title gives 100% guarantee of safe return. Call 555-555-5555“. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 8) You’ll start getting calls from interested investors. You want to find someone who’s got money and good credit. which you have neither of yet. When they call they ask „what is this about?“. You say: „I’m a real estate investor. I buy houses that would make for excellent house flips and or rentals. I have several great investments right now. Can you sit down with me for coffee and I’ll show you a few of them, hows Tuesday at 3pm sound?“. You meet with them. You park your cheap $500 dollar rusty old car down the block so the client won’t see it. (ha ha) You meet the angel investor (client) and show them some of the listings you printed off the MLS which you’ve already scoped out as good investments. You pitch the client on putting up the money, and the credit to get the mortgage. That’s there part of the investment. Your part will be to orchastrate the house flip. So you say to the client: „See I’m an expert at this stuff. You put up the money and you secure the mortgage on the property, I’ll then do the rest in terms of cosmetics and doing the house flip. Then once we sell the property we’ll split the profits 50/50. You show them how their ROI will be far more than the 15% you originally promised. How they’ll be on title as owner so they’ll be 100% secured.“ You also network with people at the real estate club offering this deal. You might have to talk to 100 people to find 1 that will bite. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 9) You’ve found your angel investor. You get them to agree upon working with you in writing. You get verification of there ability to fund the deal and have the credit to get the mortgage. You then find a house that would make for an excellent house flip. You get them to provide the downpayment funds. You tie up the property. You get the investor to go and see your mortgage broker to get a mortgage on the property. You get your lawyer to draft paper work that also secures your end of the project in writing so that when the property sells that you’ll get half the funds. So that both you and the investor both know in writing what you’re commitments are. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 10) You buy the house. One that doesn’t need tons of renos. So you mow the lawn, paint the front, thoroughly clean it up. Stage it. Relist it. And flip it for a very healthy profit. After all expenses your flip went reasonably well and you made a net profit of $40,000. You’re angel investor get’s $20k and you get $20k. Now that you’re angel investor is happy and has some trust with you you start working with them regularly. You just rinse and repeat. You get them to do another and another with you. Lets say on average you’re able to pocket $20k per project. You do 5 flips and now you have $100k saved up. At this point you can likely begin to do flips on your own.

Step 11) You use that $100k to do your first flip. You find some incredible deal you buy it and or you work with your mortgage broker to buy it getting a stated income mortgage. You flip it and this time you pocket the full $40k. You just keep doing that now. You flip another 10 properties. $40k x 10 = $400k. At this point you turn your operation into a big bigger scale. You hire a few novice real estate investors to work with you. You train each of them to go out and find deals. You fund them. They do the work of flipping them. And you pay them a wage plus a small commission on the successful flip. Now with a team you’re able to do at least a flip every week. So before long you’re seeing monthly profits of over 100,000 coming in.

Okay now here’s where it gets interesting… But you have to visit my website to learn how the story ends. See you over there.

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Anguilla’s Beautiful Scenery Is Earning Much, But the Anguilla’s Real Estate Is Suffering

Due to the tourism interest, the island has been able to attract much of foreign investment. Even the tourism industry suffered setbacks in year 1996 and 2000, but still the industry has been managing the affairs really well.

As Anguilla has been a major attraction for the tourists, the real estate in Anguilla showed a pretty good trend. However, over the couple of past years, the in Anguilla has been confusing. The other islands in Caribbean have shown improvement in their position.

These pieces of land have been a major attraction due to the strong urge among the people to have a secondary home in a peaceful place where they could spend some quality time. But among all these islands, only the Anguilla’s has been a less focus for investors. One major reason for the struggling Anguilla’s has been the fact that Anguilla lags behind much in the infrastructure development which is required for the Anguilla for sale. The infrastructure includes all the basics like airport location, runway extensions, and new roads, and on top of these the closing of some of the very luxurious hotels in Anguilla.

As the other islands of Caribbean have been highlighted on the international exchange and international listings, Anguilla’s government finally took notice and now is working on many projects to revive the international exposure for Anguilla. The two major projects involve the golf course, Ritz Carlton and runway extension. This has improved the Bahamas‘ rentals and Bahamas‘ listings as well.

The present situation of the in Anguilla shows many homes on coastal land including the inland homes. The prices range of the inland homes range between US$ 350, 000 and US$ 500,000 which also contains homes with seven stars. But the problem with selling this lot of in Anguilla is that the foreign investors would even take the headache of improving the homes with corrosion if located on the coastal areas. So the international real estate for sale in Anguilla suffers the disadvantage of inland homes.

In addition to this, the international rentals and local Anguilla’s rentals for coastal homes in Anguilla’s real estate fall between US$ 450,000 to US$ 600,000. But again, the trend has been shaky as these homes are usually old fashioned. To counter this problem, the home owners are either advised to lower the prices of these homes or improve to give them fresh air in order to make them appear in the international listings.

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Slovenia Property for Sale – Buy Investment Property for Huge Gains With Low Risk

Slovenia property for sale, if you choose the right locations can make you huge gains and is one of the top investment property destinations in the world today.

Discover Slovenia property and you may be glad you did, it could make great gains with low risk.

Let’s look at Slovenia in more detail and its potential.

With investment property available for around $40,000 and growth rates exceeding 30% in many areas and with more gains to come, savvy overseas property investors are snapping up bargains.

This is still a market in its infancy and buying cheap property for sale in Slovenia offers a market that is growing and will continue to grow.


Slovenia is a small country (half the size of Switzerland) situated between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.

It a country of outstanding natural beauty. There is something for everyone and that includes, rugged mountains, huge forests, valleys dotted with vineyards and a stretch of beautiful coastline on the Adriatic.

Why is Slovenia booming?

Slovenia is one of the newest countries of the European Economic Union and has strong economic growth of the new member states.

With this economic growth has come a demand for housing, particularly in the capital, Ljubljana.

The city is cosmopolitan and has been liked to Prague and features beautiful Baroque architecture.

Quality housing is in short supply and land development laws which are stringent are restricting the amount of cheap property for sale in the Slovenian capital and prices are rising.

With growth rates above 30% and a booming rental market it is returning great gains for property investors.

If you want straight investment gains, a lucrative income from the buoyant buy to let market or simply a holiday home Slovenia offers a great deal for overseas investors.

Other popular destinations to buy cheap property for sale in Slovenia include:

Primorska located on the Adriatic coast.

This Venetian town with cobbled streets and beautiful church spires is a stunning and bustling town.

Gorenjska which is located in the mountains which is popular with the skiing community and there are many other areas to take advantage of buying investment property

Slovenia’s largest ski resort is in the Pohorje mountains and is the home of the popular Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort.

This resort is best known for its fantastic white ski slopes, cross-country trails, with huge forests, pristine streams and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Nearby, the city of Maribor is Slovenias second-largest and a popular place to buy investment property.

Another popular destination is the Kranjska Gora ski resort, which is located in the Zgornjesavska Valley, one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys.

Skiing is booming and buying property for sale in Slovenia in these specific areas can offer good returns and lucrative „buy to let rentals“

There are of course other locations to choose from to buy a Slovenian investment property and with any emerging market location is the key.

If you are looking a t investment property, Slovenia has relatively cheap property in a stable and growing country, (this market already rated as one of the top ten investment property destinations in the world) and could offer you great capital gains.

Discover what Slovenia property for sale could offer you and you may be glad you did.

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FSBO New Trends for Today

When the general economy starts to go down, people start looking for ways to cut corners and save as much money as possible. One way people are doing this is to sell their house themselves. For Sale by Owner, or FSBO for short, has become a viable option for people that are looking to sell their home in today’s economy.

With all of the tools online people are feeling like they can sell their home themselves without needing a real estate agent. Many website have realized this and popped up to offer help to people that are trying to sell their home by themselves so they can hopefully avoid the pitfalls.

Another time that the FSBO method is very popular is when someone is not able to afford the 6% commission that comes with selling through a real estate agent. If the home is at or below the price you need to make in order to pay off the loan you may not be able to afford any extra out of pocket expenses.

The FSBO way is often the step that many homeowners take first on their road to selling their house. Keeping this in mind you will find many sites that offer low rates to help this segment of the market before the homeowner decides to go the traditional way of using a real estate agent. Many sites that offer FSBO will include some, or all, of the following features.

Basic listing features including a link for a virtual tour

  • A template for a printable flyer
  • Workbooks to assist the homeowner in their research of what they need to know and what they need to do prior to attempting a sale.
  • Listings that compare to the listings of a real estate agency site
  • Offering a flat fee for listing the home as long as needed, without additional weekly or monthly add-ons
  • Pricing reports to help you value your home appropriately
  • Typical yard signs much like those used by real estate agents
  • No limit on the number of pictures on your listing
  • Access to a free consultation line for questions

With all of these services it is no wonder that these types of sites are quickly becoming the first call people are making when they start the process of selling their home. You have a better chance of selling your FSBO home if you are able to be patient and by doing some research on their own.

The key to success is centered on the reason the homeowner wishes to sell their house. If they simply need to upsize for a new addition to the family, to downsize after the kids have gone to college, to change locations closer to or further away from the city, or just for a general change of scenery, patience can be the key.

However if you are moving because you are changing employment, marriage, divorce, or any number of other reasons the move may have to be more immediate. In the past companies that wanted to hire a worker would pay for the house and the expenses from relocating. Due to the sagging economy this has become a lot less popular because companies are trying to save money and quality people are looking for a job everywhere.

FSBO is a viable way to get the home out into the spotlight and into the market without the fees from realtors. Then if FSBO doesn’t work out, the homeowner has the option to sign up with a qualified real estate agency to sell the house and continue where the FSBO support ended. Your decision on how to sell your house, is entirely dependent on your situation.

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Finding Houses For Sale in Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, there is a tourism boom about to be unleashed following development efforts and economic growth that promises many opportunities to investors. The result of this is a rapidly expanding real estate sector offering unlimited opportunities to reap bountiful harvests from. Take for instance 5 years ago undeveloped land in the Lekki axis of Lagos Nigeria and Ikoyi areas sold for less than half its current market value with developed properties selling in some cases for less than one third of the current market price. This is indicative of a real estate boom and unlike the stock market boom of 2004 – 2008 the real estate boom is an investor’s haven.

This brings us to some of the issues that will naturally be encountered as a result of people preferences and choices with buying houses. A number of problems are associated with buying and selling of houses in Lagos Nigeria and it is only proper I mention some of them before listing out places to find houses to buy or sell.

One of the major problems will be the omooniles (descendants of the land owners or original occupants of various communities in Lagos Nigeria). These are usually idle and Lazy people who want to lay claim to almost any major development taking place on Land they may have already sold to people. By extorting money and collecting illegal fees these omooniles make life difficult for home owners or people desiring to build their own houses. Be on the look out for them whenever you decide to buy a house in Lagos Nigeria. Your best protection against omooniles is to buy directly from reputable real estate companies or acquire land directly from the government and build as quickly as possible. Another problem you face would be real estate fraudsters who could go as far as faking contact details of some reputable real estate companies in order to hoodwink home seekers and other real estate investors. Many of these fraudsters make offers that are too good to be true or unrealistically attractive in order to get at your money. Always insist on patronizing reputable real estate agencies and companies and ensure that you visit their offices to verify their authenticity.

In 2009, and onwards there are many places to start your search for houses available for sale in Lagos Nigeria. Here is a compilation of a list of places to find houses for sale in Lagos Nigeria;

1. Online Classified Adverts

Classified online adverts such as those on, and several websites of real estate companies is a major channel for finding houses and other property for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

2. News papers and magazine publications

A number of newspapers run dedicated editions for advertising or informing the public about opportunities to buy and sell houses in Lagos Nigeria. The most recognized of these is the Guardian Newspaper which runs a Monday Edition dedicated to the real estate sector. Another well known publication for finding houses for sale in Lagos Nigeria is castles magazine. There is also Properties and Homes magazine among others. The draw back is that these publications can only be bought in Nigeria as they do not circulate globally hence people living abroad may not find this option convenient.

3. Recognized real estate companies and Agencies

There are a lot of real estate companies in Nigeria but a few well known include Jide Taiwo and co, Ubosi Eleh and Co, Diya Fatimilehin and co, UAC Properties Limited and Unions Homes among others. Contacting any of these companies is search of houses for sale is another way to go about it. This option covers you although not completely from the activities of omooniles.

4. Enquiries on on-going projects

You could also make enquiries about on going projects such as construction of housing estates and other similar projects directly through the contractors who could refer you to the real estate agency or company handling the project or possibly the owner in order to meet with and negotiate a deal if possible. However not all housing projects have options for selling houses as some of them might actually be tenement projects in which case the owners are only interested in letting out.


Be warned that not all adverts or information made available on channels for sale of houses in Lagos are credible and reliable, you are advised to still carryout some investigation into the claims because some real estate fraudsters are on the prowl looking to defraud unsuspecting buyers of houses in Lagos Nigeria. Also possible for locating houses for sale in Lagos Nigeria is the option of word of mouth from people within your social network although this is hardly as reliable as the other earlier options.

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How to Buy a House With Cash

Owning a home is something almost everybody wants do at some point in their life. Nothing can compare to knowing that the home you live in is yours, and you can do what you want with it. No paying rent, no answering to a landlord, none of that…

While it is pretty great to own a home, many people take a hasty decision by taking out a massive mortgage on their home rather than pay for it up front. This is understandable because not many of us have $100,000 laying around that we can buy a house with.

But, for those who choose to save up the money and buy their home with cash, the rewards are plentiful. Not only is it cheaper, but it will save you from being chained to the bank on a lengthy mortgage plan that you might end up wanting to opt out of before its even paid off.

Let’s take a look at how you can avoid a mortgage and buy your next home upfront, with cold hard cash.

Frugality is the Name of the Game

While it’s very likely that everybody would buy their home with cash if they could, hardly anybody does. This is because most people just lack the discipline to save up.

Now, if you make 20-30 thousand dollars a year, you’re going to be waiting a long time to buy your own house, even living on the bare minimum.

But, if you are someone who makes 50 thousand or more per year, or you also have a spouse who makes just as much as you, it is very possible for you to buy your own home with cash, in a couple years.

If you can manage to save just a couple thousand a month for a period of 5 or more years, you’ll be right in range to buy a nice house all by yourself.

Benefits to Buying With Cash

The benefits to buying your home with cash are usually not afforded to those with a hefty mortgage to worry about. For instance, without a mortgage payment, you can plug more money into your retirement plan, thus bringing about your retirement earlier, or having more money to blow when it is time to call it quits.

You can also invest your extra cash into some kind of money making scheme, like the stock market, startup companies, or bonds. As long as you know what you’re doing, this can turn out to be a very useful stockpile of money should you need to pay for an emergency, send your kids to college, or provide for your family in case something happens to you.

Wrapping Up

Buying a house with cash is undoubtedly the smartest way to buy a home, it just takes a certain amount of discipline when it comes to saving the money.

Don’t waste your time and resources doing it alone or working with an amateur agent, contact a reliable real estate agent today and put yourself in good hands.

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