Lake Chapala Real Estate ideal for Retiring in Mexico

If you are thinking about Retiring in Mexico, or just looking for the ideal place to retire anywhere, Lake Chapala Real Estate is one of the best choices available.  Besides easy access back home, a near-perfect climate, lots of activities for all tastes and a large North American community, Lake Chapala Real Estate prices are very low, not only compared to American and Canadian prices, but also compared to other favorite Mexico retirement destinations.

If you choose Lake Chapala as your retirement destination, you will find getting here and back is quite convenient, for you or for friends and family who want to visit.  The main towns on Lake Chapala, Ajijic and Chapala, are about 50 minutes away from Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city.  The international airport is on Lake Chapala’s side of the city, so it’s only 45 minutes away.  This airport offers direct flight to most major cities in the United States and Canada.  Toronto or New York are about a 5 hour flight away, and many American destinations are even shorter.  If you friends or relatives who love road trips, Lake Chapala is only 600 miles from Texas.

While Chapala and Ajijic offer most services you’ll need on a daily basis, anything not availabe here can easily be found in Guadalajara, a major metropolitan city.  Top notch medical service with modern, state of the art equipment is readily available for very reasonable prices, compared to back home, with excellent speed as well.


When it comes to climate, Lake Chapala is perfect for retirement, offering a warm climate, that also never gets uncomfortably hot.  At 5200 feet sea level, the average temperature for the year is 74º F.  During the hot season – April and May – temperatures can reach up to 90º, but the evenings are still quite refreshing, often going down to about 60.  The „rainy season,“ lasting from June to October, is the favorite time for most retirees, either visiting or living here, because of the overall moderate temperature, balanced with sunny mornings and rainy afternoons to cool things down.  During this season the trees are greener, the flowers are in bloom, watered by the rain, with their colors brought to life by the sun, and the air has a fresh feeling to it.  Since it is not by the coast, there is no problem with hurricanes or tropical storms.  It is not surprising that National Geographic has named Lake Chapala the second best climate in the world.  What better weather could you as for for your retirement?


Lake Chapala also offers a large variety of things to do, fun for everyone, and especially suitable for a retirement lifestyle.  If you enjoy sports, there are golf courses in the area; tennis, volleyball and softball are popular as well.  The climate and picturesque roads winding through provincial villages, the lush, green hills of the countryside, or mountain trails are perfect for jogging, walking, cycling or even horseback riding.  The lake offers more than just a beautiful view; you can enjoy boating and fishing very close to home.  Other kinds of activities are common, such as playing cards, craft clubs and shows, garden and plant shows or just having a barbeque in your back yard.  Lake Chapala offers something for whatever kind of retirement lifestyle you prefer, unless, of course, you like stress; here, there’s only relaxation!

Foreign community

Lake Chapala is one of the favorite retirement destinations for Americans and Canadians.  In Ajijic and Chapala and the surrounding villages, there are about 6,000 Americans and Canadians, not to mention a European community.  Many of these are retirees, but there are a large number of younger families as well.  You may find that most of your neighbors are from Ontario, New York or Texas.

Real Estate

one of the most important steps in getting ready for retiring in Lake Chapala is finding the right property to do so.  In Ajijic and Chapala there are properties available in a variety of styles.  There are colonial style Mexican homes to match the cobblestone roads, or modern recently built condos, and many choices between.  Real Estate prices in Lake Chapala are considerably lower than similar properties in the U.S. or Canada, and even lower than other destinations for retiring in Mexico.  A small, but well designed and built condo can be found for less than $100,000 US.  Larger, luxury condos and beautiful single houses can go up to around $300,000 US – which is more like the starting price for something very simple and small in many destinations near the ocean!

Since, finding the right house or condo for retiring in Lake Chapala is one of the most important decisions you will make, it is equally important to find a real estate agent who will provide you with all the information you need and make sure that the paper work and transactions are carried out correctly; this way all you have do is choose the place that’s best, and get ready to enjoy retirement!  Contact, „Your Expert Property-Finders,“ to get start your property search on the right foot!

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