Brilliant Beds For Sleepy Heads! The Bed Buyers Guide

Beds are a very personal thing, as humans we are all different, when it comes to beds will all have different needs and our own personal preferences. If you are thinking about buying a new bed, no doubt you will already be spoilt for choice. I can’t make the final decision for you, but I can definitely give you some advice and ideas which will help you ultimately make a good choice. If you have any type of medical condition it would be a good idea if you consult your doctor first and maybe get some advice about which bed may be best to suit you.

Beds which are of excellent quality will usually last the duration of 8 to 10 years. After 10 years most of the beds which are on the market would probably need to be changed. If you can’t seem to get your head around that, you should at least think about changing the mattress.

Buying a new bed

If finances are tight and your budget is not too big, you may be considering buying a second hand bed. At first, this may seem like a real bargain — but beware, the bed is likely to be worn and will more than likely be the home to many dust mites and other annoying pests. An old bed could even be unsafe, not matching up to the latest and current safety standards. Is a bargain really worth all the hassle and the possible risk of injury?

Bed size

Taking into consideration your budget and size of your bedroom, you should aim to buy the biggest bed possible. You will soon fast get to learn many beds which are marked and sold as double beds are hardly big enough for two people to bed down in together. Even as little as an extra 8 inches can make a massive difference to how comfortable you and your partner will be when you choose to rest. Bearing in mind your new bed will obviously have to be able to fit into your bedroom. When measuring, make sure you allow enough space for entering and leaving the room and other tasks such as opening closets, wardrobes, and Windows. It may sound hilarious, but these are very easy mistakes to make!

It is a good idea to set some time aside and draw out a plan of your bedroom and try to use cardboard cutouts which imitate different bed sizes. This will give you a brilliant idea of how you will manage with your new bed. You will probably find you will end up reorganizing your bedroom completely.

Please be aware that some bed sizes vary from country to country. Make sure you check which sizes apply to you.

Types of Bed

There really are a huge variety of beds available in all different styles. Before you make an ultimate decision why not check out all the options available to you? You might end up finding a bed which really is a reflection of your personality!

Is There Under Bed Storage?

It’s always handy to make sure you’ve got places to put stuff away. Many beds usually come with under bed storage. This might cost a little extra but it is certainly worth it as it can increase your space. This is another instance which can be covered by your bedroom plan and imitation cutouts. There would be no point buying a bed with great under bed storage if you can’t access it properly.

Trying your bed

There are many obvious advantages to making a purchase online, but when it comes to buying a bed traditional brick and mortar stores do have the upper hand. You can’t substitute personal advice which you would find in shop, and also you are able to test drive your mattress and really get a good idea of what it will feel like to sleep on alone and with your partner. Maybe you could find the make and model of the bed you like in a traditional shop, and then look to purchase the same type online and check if there are discounts available.

Taking into consideration you could possibly spend more than a third of your life in your bed it is a good idea to make a sound investment and buy the best bed you can afford.

I hope this article has given you a real heads up and helped to clarify a few things with regards to buying a new bed. All I can say is may you have many sweet dreams!

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