10 Tips to Hire a Professional Mover Easily

If you are looking for a moving company for your next move, we suggest that you do your research before signing the contract. Hiring the right provider will ensure your stuff is taken care of. In this article, we have shared a few important tips that make the hiring process easier for you.

1. Ask For Referrals

First of all, you should start by asking for referrals. For instance, you can consult your friends, co-workers and realtor. They will give you a few good names. Plus, they will have some important tips to share with you.

2. Get Written Estimates

It’s not a good idea to get verbal estimates only. Getting written estimates will make sure the estimates are reliable. Aside from this, it will give you an opportunity to know more about the service providers.

3. Be open to Your Estimator

Make sure that your estimator knows how many boxes, clothes, furniture articles and other stuff you want to move. Although a professional won’t force you make an additional payment for the extra stuff you didn’t inform them about while getting the estimate, they may refuse to move anything. Therefore, it’s better to be open to your estimator.

4. Ask About Additional Fees

Since no one likes surprises, make sure you ask the service provider about the additional fees like equipment fees, stop charges and fuel costs.

5. Use Packing Services

Like most people, you may not like to pack all the stuff yourself. Therefore, it’s much better to hire a local packing service. This will help you take the burden off your shoulders. Plus, all your stuff will be safely packed in secure boxes.

6. Get Insurance Coverage

It’s better to get insurance coverage for your belongings. Aside from this, you should find out if your homeowners‘ insurance could provide coverage for the stuff that you want to move to your new place.

7. Check References

Professional movers have a great reputation. Aside from this, they can also give you references from your past clients. Don’t forget to check the references and contact each client to find out about their experience working with the company.

8. Experience Matters

Although it can be tempting to go with a cheap provider, make sure that the service provider is licensed and experienced. After all, you don’t want to take the risk of working with an unlicensed provider. The provider must have years of experience in the field.

9. Do Your Research

Find out the names the service providers operates under. Next, make an online search and contact your local BBB to ensure that the company is registered.

10. Service Awards

Find out if the provider has got any credentials or awards from the small business association, industry organization or trade group. If they have, it means they are quite popular and reliable movers.

Keep in mind that hiring the best service provider will ensure that the move will be a success, not a failure. For a stress free experience, make sure you do your homework and go with a mover that you can rely on.

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