Tips for Getting New Clients As a Realtor

Admit it or not, finding clients on the vast real estate market is very challenging. It is challenged by the existence of big real estate firms which employ hundreds of experienced real estate agents on their teams. If you are a newbie, you could easily be swallowed by the efforts exerted by the established firms. But have you ever think that they also started out as rookies in the field? If you are in this situation, here are some tips to at least give you a leverage on finding the right clients for you.

Create your own circle of offline connections and influences. As much as the online world is essential to widen your connections, the offline connections and influences is equally essential. Start with your family and friends. Then add your past classmates even those from your elementary days whom you still remember. Your teachers can be great additions. Move on to those whom you are tapping services as professionals such as your doctors, dentists, hair stylists, pet groomers and fitness coaches. The parents of your children’s classmates and friends can also expand your offline connections. If you have business contacts, add them as well. Don’t forget your neighbors. They can be great sources of referrals.

Build a better online network of friends. Through social media, you, as a real estate agent is bestowed greater power to enhance online connections. Your network can be a greater web of interconnected persons starting with your family members down to their own friends, acquaintances, friend of friends, and so on. Before you notice it, your network has expanded to include professionals of diverse titles not only in your locality but also in adjacent towns and nearby cities. If you think they are not relevant, you may be wrong with the impression. Anyone in your online network of friends can always be a great source of referral even those who you seldom see to be adding activities in their social media accounts.

Send mailers, both online and offline. Now that you have established both your online and offline connections, it is time to introduce yourself as the rookie real estate agent. For offline mailers, be sure to have a formal tone. Give your full name, license number, the firm you are connected too, its address, and contact numbers of you and the firm. Inform them of the services you are offering.

For online mailers, the same can be followed. But since it is an electronic form, you may want to add some enhanced graphics and video.

Create your own website. For personal branding, having an own website is an essential. This is where you can provide listings, value added services, frequently asked questions, and even informational articles that can help spark the interest of your potential clients. Support it with a blog, and connect it with your social media accounts in different real estate online platforms.

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Why Does Every Business Need Remote Network Access for Their Employees?

Due to the pandemic, all non-essential businesses have continued to close their doors – a situation that could extend for several more weeks. If these recent developments have taught us anything, it’s that we should be prepared for any eventuality.

If you own a business, what steps are you taking to transition your employees to a work from home environment? Remote network access is critical – pandemic or not — especially if most or all of your work force is conducting business from their homes. In order to keep your company afloat, customers happy and productivity at a consistent level, and workers employed, you have to enable remote network access for your employees.

What You Need to Know: Remote Access Solutions

Telecommuting not only helps companies cut overhead costs and allows employees to juggle work with personal engagements at their own pace, it facilitates a more productive „work at your own schedule“ situation.

There are several ways you can establish remote work opportunities for your company. You could:

  • Choose a complete Virtual Private Network.
  • Deploy remote desktop access.
  • Set up a cloud computing network and share files between home offices to develop a virtual office setup.

Virtual Private Network


  • Good option for companies that want to offer either intermittent access or full-time access to remote work solutions; however, remote devices must be properly secured and protocols must be followed.
  • Encryption protocols make the transfer of information between the VPN and the end users quite secure.
  • The VPN itself isn’t vulnerable to direct attack.


  • PCs that aren’t protected could transfer viruses and malware to the VPN if not secure. Connection to a VPN can make the system vulnerable if employees do not disconnect when finished.
  • These are more difficult to set up than remote desktop access.

Remote Desktop Access Solutions

You can enable remote desktop access in one of three ways:

  • Remote access software
  • Enterprise remote desktop
  • Direct remote access

Remote access software solutions are less secure at their most basic level, with limited centralized control of employee log-in and remote access. This solution has a higher cost, while direct remote access is free. Still, this is a solid choice for smaller companies with intermittent work-from-home needs.

Enterprise remote desktop solutions are more scalable but tougher to set up. They offer a seamless experience and operate through hosted solutions, which comes at an increased cost; however, the ease of setup is better than having to establish this infrastructure on your own.

Direct remote access requires proper security protocols are followed to ensure the system is not vulnerable to attack. It can be difficult to remotely restart a computer that has frozen. Also, many hardware issues will have to be addressed on-site.

Cloud Network Remote Work

This is a good choice if you are opting to work from a complete virtual office, as these solutions offer additional flexibility and cost benefits. They do hold some risks because it’s difficult to control what employees are doing with their hardware at home.

What to Consider

Check out these factors to consider when deciding on a type and provider of remote access and work solutions:

  • Ease-of-Installation: How much time is involved? How much effort? Will it cause downtime in operations as the transition happens?
  • Ease-of-Use: Can your employees and IT department easily use this solution?
  • Cost: How much does each solution cost vs. how much will it save your company?
  • Security: How secure is the option you’re considering? How dependent is it on users‘ ability to follow stated protocols?

Contact Monmouth Computer Associates

For assistance on deciding which solution is best for your needs or for help setting up your remote access solution infrastructure, contact us today.

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Animal Farm – George Orwell – Review Summary Notes

Animal Farm is one of the two greatest works of George Orwell, the other being 1984. Animal Farm makes satirical allegories of the totalitarian communism of Soviet Russia. The novel is regarded as one of the all-time bests ever written by any author.

Animal Farm is a novel of betrayed revolution. It presents the corruption that followed the revolution led by Lenin.

In Animal Farm, the characters are animals and human beings. Among the animals, many of them are pigs, who are more often than not rulers. Apart from pigs, we see three main horses, a donkey, a goat, some puppies, rats, the sheep (plural number), a raven, a cat and hens.

The animals are more allegorical than real. The interpretation of the meanings is often left to the reader, but generally the consensus is that they represent different classes. Again, the humans represent another class. Thus, the novel demonstrates multiple classes.

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others.

All animals are supposed to be of the same class, but in reality, some animals are of superior class.

Pigs: Old Major represents Lenin/Marx. He had introduced the animals to the song Beasts of England. Napoleon (allusion of Stalin), the villain, a Berkshire boar, gets more powerful gradually, with help of the puppies whom he uses as secret police. He drives out Snowball (allusion of Trotsky), from the farm and uses dogs to enforce his dictatorship. He changes the commandments to allow him have privileges such as eat on a table. He and the other pigs learn to walk upright and behave like those humans against whom they had revolted. Snowball, allusion of Trotsky, was working for the good of the farm and had won over most of the animals hearts, but was driven out by Napoleon and his dogs. Napoleon also had spread negative rumors on Snowball. Squealer (allusion of Molotov) is Napoleon’s minister of propaganda, and his main assistant for all practical purposes. He uses statistics to confuse the animals and show that they had improved quality of life, and the animals, with little memory of life before revolution, accept. Minimum is a poetic pig representing all the admirers of Stalin inside and outside Russia.

Humans: Mr. Jones, a heavy drinker, the disposed tsar. His attempt to recapture the farm is spoiled by the Battle of the Cowshed (Russian Civil War). Interestingly, Napoleon eventually becomes as much a drunkard as Jones. Mr. Frederick, the tough owner of Pinchfield, a neighboring farm, represents Hitler and his farm represents Nazi Party. Mr. Pilkington is apparently nice but is shrewd. He and Napoleon draw the Ace of Spades (the highest card in a card game) and begin a bad fight, symbolizing the tensions between US and Russia. Mr. Whymper (loosely alluring Western intellectuals) is hired by Napoleon to represent Animal Farm in the human society.

Horses: Boxer is the hardest-working entity in the animal farm. He is dedicated to the success of the farm. Boxer invests all his loyal, kind, dedicated self to the farm’s „good“ as portrayed to him by the farms leaders. His hoofs eventually splits and he is sent to death by Napoleon when he could not work any more (and Napoleon spread the rumor that he died peacefully in a hospital). „I will work harder“ was the motto of Boxer in any tough situation, and his brain-washed trust was shown by his maxim „Napoleon is always right“. Clover is Boxer’s companion. She works with Boxer and loves him and cares for him, and takes the blame on herself when Boxer splits his hoof. She is deeply respected by the three younger ones who eventually take Boxer’s role. Mollie is a third horse – a self-centered mare – who wears ribbons in her mane and eats sugar cubes (lives a life of luxury), and is pampered by humans. Later she leaves for another farm seeking better comfort.

Other animals: Benjamin, the wise donkey who could read also, represents the Jews and lives till the end of the novel. Muriel is a wise old friendly goat like Benjamin, but dies earlier in the novel from old age. The cat represents laziness, the rats represent some arbitrary people who roam around, the sheep represent the masses (and Napoleon manage the sheep such that he is supported and believed by them) and the hens represent the rich peasants. Moses is an old raven (bird) that sometimes visits the farm from Sugarcandy Mountain, a place where the hard-working animals go after death he claims. The puppies are the ones that Napoleon specially raises and makes a secret police out of them. They become one of the backbones of Napoleon’s power in the Animal Farm.

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8 Ways Quality Real Estate Agents Prove Their Value!

Although, there are over 1.3 million, real estate agents, in the United States, only, a small – minority, of them, are responsible, for the vast majority of the transactions, which occur! Since, for most of us, the value of their house, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense, to very carefully, choose the individual, to hire, to represent you, and your best – interests? How should quality agents, demonstrate, and prove, their value? Doing so, demands a variety of skills, assets, attitude, persistence, discipline, integrity, etc, and, there is no such thing, as one – size – fits – all! Before, hiring the right person, to serve and represent, one’s interests, it is essential to, clearly, prove, he is worthy of their respect, etc! With, that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 8 ways, quality agents consistently, prove their worth/ value!

1. Effectively listen to prospective clients: Observe, when interviewing agents to represent you, whether, the individual, effectively, listens, to you, and your personal needs, concerns, priorities, etc. How can anyone, represent your best interests, unless/ until, he commits to doing so?

2. Thoroughly, discuss, and discover, what prospective client, seeks, and needs: While some proceed, by trying to, merely, tell someone, what he believes, they want to hear, I strongly believe, in my service – mark, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not, just, what you want to hear! It is wise, for client and agent, to know, trust, and believe, in – each other, throughout the process!

3. Discuss/ explain suggested marketing plan: What makes one’s marketing plan, different, in a meaningful way, from others? Since, one’s house, is so financially (and, other ways) relevant, it’s essential/ important, for both sides, to work together, on the same – page!

4. Explain concept/ teamwork/ strategy: Real estate agents, owe it, to their clients, to thoroughly, explain their concept, strategy, reasoning, action plans, and, the importance of well – considered, teamwork!

5. Commitment/ discipline/ efforts: Agents can’t, and should never, go – through – the – motions, and proceed, forward, with the level of consistent, true commitment, and the discipline, to maximize their efforts, for the client’s best – interests!

6. Regular updates: Communication, and providing regular reviews, and updates, must be an obligation, for agents! An essential component of representing someone, during stressful times/ periods, is holding – their – hands, throughout the entire period/ process/ transaction! From the onset, it’s important to pre – plan, for, regular, periodic updates, to thorough discuss, all relevant components, and/ or, necessary adjustments, during the period!

7. Quality negotiating: It takes quality negotiating, and an understanding of market, and economic conditions, in terms of supply – and – demand, etc, to make a significant difference, for the better!

8. Close the best deal: Meaningful representatives listen to potential deals, and help, bring them, forward, and, then, have the skills, and self – confidence, etc, to close the deal, with the best combination of minimizing the amount of time needed, enhancing the price offered, and addressing, any, and all conditions, etc.

Hire an agent, who will strive, to clearly, demonstrate, and prove his value, consistently, by a combination of skills, efforts, and a positive, can – do, attitude. Before you, buy, or sell a house/ home, doesn’t it make sense, to hire, the right agent?

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Flat Fee MLS Listing, the Pros and Cons

  1. What is a flat fee Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing?

The MLS is an all-inclusive database shared by local Realtors. Agents can access this database to search for exactly what their buyers are looking for. This one resource provides Realtors with a significant advantage over anyone who is selling on their own. In fact, over 90% of buyers find their new homes through the MLS.

Real estate companies that offer flat fee MLS listings will input the information and pictures to the MLS for a fee which varies from between $99 and $995 depending on the level of services provided. However, a fee is typically offered to an agent who brings in a buyer. This fee can be any amount by law but is typically 2% to 2 ½% versus the 6% to 9% charged for full service listings.

  1. What is the difference between flat fee listings and full service Realtor listings?

The owner undertakes duties usually provided by a Realtor. These include taking pictures, providing promotional copy, gathering information about the property, identifying repairs and improvements that will promote the sale and increase the return on investment, deciding on the best marketable price, monitoring the market, price adjustments if and when necessary, Arraigning showings, negotiating with buyers directly, obtain legal counsel, facilitating inspections, possible renegotiating and whatever else is necessary to bring the sale to closing.

  1. What services are typically provided by flat fee brokers?

    Besides adding your listing to the regional MLS, the listing is typically syndicated to dozens of portal websites like Zillow, Trulia,,, etc. plus local real estate companies directly. Owner provided pictures that are added to the MLS and portal sites. A sign &/or lock box is usually provided.

    Some companies provide free renewal or listings that do not expire. If available in the area, companies will often provide appointment center services which provide a convenient means of scheduling showings. With higher priced listing packages more services are added.

  2. What are the downsides of flat fee listings?

    Selling by owner is a lot of work. Over half of owners who were successful report that they would not try to sell on their own again. This is because besides the work involved it may not improve the return on investment. Realtors have years of hard won experience. If they can’t typically provide their clients with a better return on their investment than the owners can themselves they would not survive in the profession. Besides the logistics that can reasonably be handled by an owner, there is a good deal of judgment required. One misstep and the deal often falls through. Inexperience, even in new licensed real estate agents, can cost thousands of dollars or the entire sale. Most brokerages provide close supervision and training for their new agents for at least the first year. The owner does not have this essential advantage. Flat fee brokers who offer remote support cannot do so with the same expertise that a Realtor that has personal knowledge of the local market and property can. Finally, beware of invoking procuring cause claims.

In spite of the work and uncertainty involved many sellers do manage to sell on their own using flat fee broker resources to maximize their housing investment greatly.

  1. How to proceed.

Contact a reputable flat fee MLS broker who you can speak with directly to answer specific questions. This brief article can only provide an overview of the process.

While for sale by owner packages vary from broker to broker here are some important considerations:

  • Broker should be experienced and knowledgeable about local market conditions to provide ready guidance and counsel.
  • Broker should be local and able to provide market data and referrals for attorneys, contractors, inspectors, etc.
  • Broker should be readily available 12/7.
  • Broker should be a direct MLS member where property is located not a portal site that remotely lists properties through affiliates.
  • An exclusive website should be included that sends independent buyers directly to the owner to save co-broke commission.
  • Appointment center showing scheduling services should be provided at no additional cost.
  • Owner should retain right to sell on their own without paying addition commission.
  • Changes or pauses to listing should be provided at no additional cost.
  • Listing should not expire until home is sold or taken off market by owner.
  • Electronic lock box and sign should be provided and delivered at no additional cost.
  • All inquires should be directed to the owner.
  • Professional quality photographic services should be available.
  • Owner supplied photos and videos should be enhanced by broker to the standards typically found on the MLS.
  • Broker should also offer full service upgrades with flat fee credited to final commission.
  1. Steps to closing
  • Engage local flat fee broker
  • Provide details and pictures
  • Approve listing on MLS and submit fee
  • Arrange showing with appointment desk
  • Negotiate offers
  • Obtain legal counsel (recommended)
  • Fulfill contact obligations. This is done with the help of the co-broker and your attorney.
  • Close with more proceeds than if you had listing full service

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Top 10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Buying a Palm Beach County Property

Buying a home in Palm Beach County can be a very exciting exercise for a home buyer. It can also be frightening because of the pitfalls involved in the procedure. Thankfully, you can avoid these common mistakes committed by many first-time home buyers if you are aware of these mistakes.

1. Not utilizing services of an attorney during closing

Many buyers, when buying Palm Beach County property, think that they are covered and protected as they have a reliable real estate agent on their side. Remember that the job of a real estate agent is to find a home not to check and complete legal formalities. This is where the role of a qualified attorney comes into picture. Also, the fee of your agent is usually paid out of the proceeds and not comes out of your pocket. Your attorney not only looks at the agreement between you and the seller from legal point of view but also safeguards your interests. Hire an independent attorney and not the one recommended by your agent or the seller. This professional will check if all the documents are in accordance with the provisions of the law at the time of closing. You can have total peace of mind when you are represented by an experienced attorney when buying a Palm Beach Property. By law, you are not required to hire the services of an attorney at the time of closing in the state of Florida. But having an experienced attorney by your side at the time of closing when buying a property makes you comfortable as you know there is a professional safeguarding your interests. He also expedites the process of closing and completes it in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

2. Overlooking problems with mold and cost of remediation

Mold is a big problem in homes in entire Florida. Mold thrives in warm and damp places and the climate in Palm Beach County presents ideal conditions for mold to develop and grow fast. High humidity is one reason why mold is such a big problem inPalm Beach County properties. Even if you and your family members are not allergic to mold, it is prudent to get the property properly inspected for the presence of mold. Mold can create breathing problems for your family and it can prove to be potentially hazardous for the health of your family. Mold remediation can be a costly and time-consuming affair. It is in your interest to either avoid buying a property infested with mold or negotiate with the owner to lower the asking price.

Some buyers skip home inspection just because they like to save their money that is paid in the form of fee to an independent professional. The cost of a home inspection in Palm Beach County can range from $300-$500 depending upon the size of the property and what is included in this inspection. Imagine the kind of risk these home buyers are ready to take just to save small amount of money. There are also buyers who would like to believe the words of their seller who says that the property is fine and there are no issues with it. Do not make this mistake as the seemingly beautiful house may turn out to be a headache for you in future as you discover various problems with it.

A home inspection, when done properly by a professional, can reveal problems that can take thousands of dollars to fix. But once you buy the house and move in, you cannot ask for compensation form the seller. If you skipped home inspection and now see mold growing at a rapid rate inside the home, it is you who must spend money on its remediation.

3. Not doing due diligence at the time of title search

The tile of the property you are buying in Palm Beach County is just as important as the structure. You worked hard to find a beautiful home in the area through Palm Beach property search. Now you must see to it that the seller has the full and clear ownership rights to the property so that these rights can be transferred to you without any problems. Title insurance and title search costs are paid by the seller in Palm Beach County. As such, you should not ignore this very important aspect of buying a home as it can have long term legal repercussions for you. Buyers not paying attention at the time of title search can pay dearly later when someone else lays claim to the tile of the property in future. Title search involves verification of title ownership records. These documents prove that your seller legally owns the title of the property and has the rights to sell the property to you.

Your lender in Palm Beach County asks you for a title search and title insurance to safeguard his money. This is because he holds the mortgage for a long duration and he doesn’t want to find out that the property does not have a clear title. Your ender cannot afford to lose on his investment because of defects or clouds in the title of the property.

4. Not reading covenants for HOA

If you have decided to buy a house in Palm Beach County that is a part of a homeowner’s association, you will be subject to the rules in the declaration of CC&R’s. If you do not know every HOA has its own covenants, conditions and restrictions that its residents have to abide with. If the single-family home or the condo you are buying is inside a planned community, you are bound to follow the rules and regulations imposed by your HOA.

When you close escrow, you are made to sign a series of papers, one of which is the CC&R’s. It says that you have read these CC&Rs and agree to abide with them. Violating them in future can result in penalties and forced compliance that you may not like. Many HOA’s restrict the size and type of breed that you can own as a pet. They also have certain covenants in place to restrict residents from renting their units. They do this to preserve the character of the community and to maintain the general comfort level of the residents. There are also terms and conditions about the usage of common properties that you may not like as a resident. It is therefore advisable to get a copy of the CC&Rs and go through the document to know what is allowed and what is not permissible once you become the owner of a Palm Beach County property. Do not leave it up to the discretion of your attorney as he may not be aware of your likes and dislikes in this regard.

Buying a Palm Beach County property in a wrong community can be a big mistake. You can do nothing but repent on your decision. This is where a knowledgeable real estate agent can help you when conducting your Palm Beach property search. Once you make clear your likings and requirements, he will avoid showing you properties in communities where you can face a problem because of HOA covenants. Yes, you can save hundreds of dollars by skipping home inspection at the time of buying a property in Palm Beach County. But you could end up paying not hundreds but even thousands of dollars if a big structural issue is identified after moving in.

5. Not getting preapproved for mortgage

This is another big mistake committed by many buyers in Palm Beach County. These buyers are confident about their ability to secure a loan from a lender as they think they have a good credit and have decent monthly income. These buyers start their house hunt and even sign the agreement with the owner of the property to close the deal in certain number of days. It is only later that they find that lenders are not giving them the amount required to fund their purchase. For example, if the agreement has been signed with the purchase price mentioned as $400000 and the lender is only approving a mortgage loan of $300000, the buyer has to fill the gap and arrange $60000 over and above 10% down payment that he has saved in his bank account.

This can be a very embarrassing situation for the buyer and if he cannot arrange the money in time, the agreement lapses, and he even forfeits the deposit he has paid to the owner of the property. To avoid being caught in such a situation when buying a property in Palm Beach County, it is necessary to get preapproval for a loan form a lender. This gives you a clear idea of amount of money that the bank is willing to finance for the purchase of a property.

6. Not looking at credit

If you are desirous of buying a house in Palm Beach County, you know you need help from a lender to finance your purchase. The first thing that most lenders in Palm Beach County look at is the credit report of the applicant. Your application can be rejected by the lenders even if you are earning a decent monthly income if your credit score is below average. Many buyers make the cardinal sin of approaching lenders when they have a poor credit score. Their application is rejected as banks cannot take a risk on investing on a person who they consider as untrustworthy. This is the reason you should desist from approaching a lender if your credit score is low. You should work hard to improve your credit so that it becomes acceptable to lenders. You can always conduct your Palm Beach County property search later.

Even with an average credit score, banks will give you a rate of mortgage higher than what they provide to borrowers with excellent credit score. This can make you pay a lot more for a property than you would if you are charged a lower rate of interest. It will also mean that your monthly repayments will be much higher, making the loan very costly for you. This is the reason why you should first work on your credit and only then approach a bank for a mortgage loan.

7. Placing faith on mortgage information available online

First time homebuyers in Palm Beach County, like in other parts of the country, rely too much on whatever mortgage information that is available online to them. They have gone through these terms and conditions many times and they become overconfident about their financing. They do their financial calculation about money that they can secure from a bank for the purchase of a Palm Beach County property. But things happen a little bit differently in the real world and these Millennials understand this fact in a bitter manner.

Of course, you are entitled to all the free information available on the net from banks and mortgage brokers but you should not believe this information in Toto. Remember, information on internet is for general information purpose only. You need to seek clarification from the bank to confirm whether the rule applies in your case or not. Many buyers in Palm Beach County get a rude shock when they are told that they cannot get a particular rate of interest or a certain amount of money as mortgage.

The problem with information on the net is that readers accept it on their face value. You should contact lenders and have a face to face chat with loan officers so that you can ask questions and get answers to them.

8. Not anticipating associated costs of buying

This is a very common mistake committed by first time home buyers in Palm Beach County. Many young buyers, in their excitement of having saved money for down payment believe that it is all they need to become the owner of a house. Yes, they will get the mortgage from a lender based upon their credit report and financials, but they need to have extra money in their account to pay for associated costs of buying. In addition to credit report fee, appraisal fee, title insurance fee, Escrow, State tax, and survey fee, there are also property tax and mortgage insurance that the borrower must keep in his mind when calculating the cost of buying a home in Palm Beach County.

Let us understand this through an example. If the Palm Beach County property you are buying is priced at $250000, bank will finance 80% of this price and ask you to pay $50000 as down payment. In addition to this down payment, you require another 2-2.5% of the value of the property to be able to close the deal. Adding everything, the total amount of money needed to close the deal is $55756 in this example.

What this example suggests is that you should be prepared to spend money on closing the deal and you cannot hope to be the owner by just saving down payment in your bank account.

9. Not hiring the services of a real estate agent

There is so much information about home buying available on internet that many home buyers believe they can buy a home on their own. There is no dearth of buyers who believe they can save on the commission that real estate agents charge for helping in buying a home. This is incorrect as the fee of the buyer’s agent comes from the proceeds of the sale and it is the seller who pays the commission of both the agents.

Trying to buy a home without a west Palm Beach real estate agent can be complicated and very tiring. There are many legal formalities to be fulfilled and the entire exercise right from making an offer to closing of deal can prove to be very intimidating if you are a first-time home buyer in Palm Beach County. Therefore, it is very reassuring to have a reliable and experienced realtor by your side all the way through. His knowledge and experience help in removing obstacles from your way. This professional makes the process of buying a Palm Beach County smooth and hassle free.

Searching for a home that suits your requirements and budget in a given community or neighborhood can be a long drawn out procedure. A good quality realtor not only helps in identifying but also negotiates with seller’s agent to lower the asking price. He helps in drafting a brilliant offer so that it is accepted and remains with you till the time deal is finally closed and you can move in your new house. Not taking help from a reliable and honest real estate agent does not save you any money. On the contrary, buying exercise becomes more difficult and nightmarish.

Buying a home can be tough without the help of best quality real estate agent. But when you have best real estate agent helping you, you will find that all your questions are answered and all your requirements in terms of location, features, and even price rage are fulfilled. Here it is important to note that you need to hire an experienced buyer’s agent, not a professional who is mostly handling sale of properties of his clients.

10. Not being ready to make the move

Palm Beach County is a hot housing market with a strong demand from buyers. It is a seller’s market with very tight inventory. Median home prices for single family homes here are $341500. Price per sq foot here is $190 which is less than $218 in Miami-Fort Lauderdale Metro Area. Sellers in Palm Beach County are getting multiple offers form buyers and they are getting over and above their asking price these days. In such a market, it becomes necessary for a buyer to be prepared in all respects. Many buyers try to buy a house in Palm Beach real estate market without homework with the result that they are mostly unsuccessful. If you are really interested, get preapproved and make an irresistible offer to stand out from rest of the buyers.

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A First-Time Homeowner’s Guide to Building a Duplex Home

A duplex home is a beautiful asset. Many people dream of having a duplex home but only a lucky few get the chance to actually have it. Those who are looking to build a home for the first time can consider a duplex house. But since they are new in home builder hunting, they have a high chance of coming across professionals who are not really scrupulous. Such professionals look for the opportunity to work with a first-time homeowner because first-time homeowners usually don’t have clear ideas about what it really takes to build a good duplex house.

If you are planning to own such a house, do not plan big at the beginning. Keep in mind that there will be problems in the masonry, plumbing or wiring. No matter how well-built the house is, there will be these problems. So, aim for a small duplex property.

However, if you compare the pros and cons of a duplex house, the pros will outweigh the cons. The good things about duplex houses are more in number than the bad things about them. But you need the right builders to reap the benefit of all the good things. Many reputable builders are there who specialize in duplex buildings. They usually erect duplex buildings in upscale areas of the town. You can hire them to build your duplex home, regardless of the place. If you can build a rapport with the builders, you can avail their services at reduced rates.

Before hiring the builder, you should do some research on their earlier works. Check their credentials and licenses. Make sure that they are who they say are. Bear in mind that efficient and reliable duplex house builders are not really easy to find.

Good planning is very important for a good duplex home. The architect has to chalk out a thorough plan that would suit your interest as well as get all the necessary permits from your local councils. Australia is a place where people are always on the lookout for a good duplex house. You need to find an efficient planner who can draw a fine floor plan for you. A skilled architect can maximize space in your home’s floor plan. They can make best use of the land and even leave room for landscaping, gardening or a patio.

As you may know, several structural limits are there that you have to abide by. For instance, you have to build your home in such a way that makes good use of space and does not encroach on your neighbors‘ properties. The planning should not have any negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it is just as important to find an experienced architect as it is to find a reputable duplex home builder. Many people are building duplex homes today to enjoy two different homes on one block of land. The biggest benefit of this is that you can sell one of the homes and live in the other. That’s a remarkable monetary benefit. Not only does it cover your construction costs and brings in more money than what you had invested, it also lets you live on the land that you own. But to impress today’s home buyers, you need more than just quality home joinery services.

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Source by Avishek Bhattacharjee

Tips On Purchasing A Vespa: A First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Vespa is a popular Italian scooter brand that was introduced to the market over 66 years ago. Today, it is one of Europe’s most popular two-wheeled vehicles. And Piaggio, its manufacturer, is hailed as one of the world’s largest motorcycle companies in terms of unit sales. It’s not that difficult to distinguish this product from other counterparts because of its unique features. Vespa scooters are actually quite known for their colourful and pressed steel unibody, flat floorboard and a prominent front fairing. They are more comfortable and convenient to ride. And they provide better protection than most motorcycle models. They wouldn’t be one of the fastest selling scooters for no reason. So if you are convinced that owning one is the best move for you, here are some tips you might want to refer to when buying your first Vespa.

If you have never ridden a scooter before, it is highly recommended that you get a 50cc model during your first purchase. It is considered the beginner bile and it will help you learn how to balance yourself, glide, take corners and keep yourself stable when you are riding. When you are confident enough, you can move on to 150cc or 250cc models which offer more power and speed.

Shop around for a scooter dealer that offers you the best price on a Vespa scooter. They usually retail below $2,000. So anything near $1,500 can be considered a good deal. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the payment terms as well as the services that go along with the acquisition. Merchants would be more than happy to oblige you with your requests in exchange for a sale.

Don’t forget to inspect the product before you take it home. Take it for a test drive too. If you are planning to buy a Vespa online, you have to make sure you get a great warrant and money-back guarantee so you can exchange your product if it is not up to standards. Don’t go for retailers who do not cover frater damages because that would just increase the risk of ending up with a subpar merchandize. Now, before you sign release forms from the logistics company, look over the scooter carefully for any bends, scratches, chips, and ripples; and then, check the engine if it is working. It would be great if you have a mechanic on standby for professional advice. But if you don’t, at least you have warranty to rely on.

Finally, for sound resources and advice, reach out the communities. They should be experienced enough to provide you with the insight you need for satisfying transaction. Ask them for scooter dealer suggestions as well as model and service endorsements on top of safety precautions and driving tips.

There’s really not that much to buying a Vespa. The process is pretty much the same as in ordering every day commodities. Perhaps, what makes it a bit more complicated is the amount of money involved. And it makes perfect sense if you are a bit concerned about the investment. But with the aforementioned guidelines, you will do just fine at it. Now, if you are still unconvinced, postpone the purchase and do a little more research on the matter.

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Source by Cedric P Loiselle

Oceanside California – A Dream Paradise For Beach-Goers

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle in the city? Do you want to find a relaxing atmosphere? Oceanside California is the answer to your problem. In this place you will enjoy the beautiful ambiance of sandy beaches and lots of brimming entertainment and recreation. According to USA Today, a national American daily newspaper, this place has a very nice climate and was credited as the second most ideal climate locations in United States of America. The sunny climate attracts many beach-goers to flock into this area and enjoy the constant breeze blown by the beach. This article will give you information about the place and will guide you in your home search.

This place is the third-largest city in San Diego County. It is located in the heart of the Southern California coastline. This location is a beachfront community with white sandy beaches. They became famous because of their beautiful beaches, amazing surf spots and the best climate location anywhere in the United States. For those people who already went to this place, they cannot forget the scenery of the place in their mind and always desire to come back.

If you want to enjoy a scenic dining experience with your family or friends, you can also go to several harbor restaurants in the vicinity of the area. One of these best spots is Jolly Roger Restaurant which has a waterfront location. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and serve catering services for all special occasions. In this place you will really enjoy their great food while watching boats cruising along the harbors of Oceanside. They also have a karaoke bar where people can sing their favorite songs and enjoy the night together with their friends and families. In this place, you can enjoy water sports activities and also you can cruise the bay with a charter boat.

Oceanside is a wise choice for home buyers who are looking for a beach community experience with elegant atmosphere. This cozy location is very near to beach resorts and surfing spots where you can try to enjoy various water sports activities. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in United States. This place is a dream paradise for beach-goers. If you’re planning to buy your dream house in this area, you can approach a real estate agent like Oceanside homes for sale or Oceanside real estate. Their service also includes Oceanside mls, a multi listing service which can make your home search simple and easy.

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Source by Jack Gain

The Duty Of Confidentiality In Real Estate

In any Listing Agreement there is a point in time when the agency relationship ends.

A Listing Agreement, as it is widely known, is none other than a contract between the rightful titleholder of an interest in land (the ‚Principal‘) and a duly licensed real estate firm (the ‚Agent‘), whereby the firm stipulates and agrees to find a Buyer within a specified timeframe who is ready, willing and able to purchase the interest in land that is the subject matter of the contract while acting within the realm of the authority that the Principal confers onto the Agent, and wherein furthermore the titleholder stipulates and agrees to pay a commission should the licensee ever be successful in finding such Buyer.

As in all contracts, there is implied in a Listing Agreement an element which is commonly know at law as an ‚implied covenant of good faith and fair dealings‘. This covenant is a general assumption of the law that the parties to the contract – in this case the titleholder and the licensed real estate firm – will deal fairly with each other and that they will not cause each other to suffer damages by either breaking their words or otherwise breach their respective and mutual contractual obligations, express and implied. A breach of this implied covenant gives rise to liability both in contract law and, depending on the circumstances, in tort as well.

Due to the particular nature of a Listing Agreement, the Courts have long since ruled that during the term of the agency relationship there is implied in the contract a second element that arises out of the many duties and responsibilities of the Agent towards the Principal: a duty of confidentiality, which obligates an Agent acting exclusively for a Seller or for a Buyer, or a Dual Agent acting for both parties under the provisions of a Limited Dual Agency Agreement, to keep confidential certain information provided by the Principal. Like for the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealings, a breach of this duty of confidentiality gives rise to liability both in contract law and, depending on the circumstances, in tort as well.

Pursuant to a recent decision of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia ( , the regulatory body empowered with the mandate to protect the interest of the public in matters involving Real Estate, a question now arises as to whether or not the duty of confidentiality extends beyond the expiration or otherwise termination of the Listing Agreement.

In a recent case the Real Estate Council reprimanded two licensees and a real estate firm for breaching a continuing duty of confidentiality, which the Real Estate Council found was owing to the Seller of a property. In this case the subject property was listed for sale for over two years. During the term of the Listing Agreement the price of the property was reduced on two occasions. This notwithstanding, the property ultimately did not sell and the listing expired.

Following the expiration of the listing the Seller entered into three separate ‚fee agreements‘ with the real estate firm. On all three occasions the Seller declined agency representation, and the firm was identified as ‚Buyer’s Agent‘ in these fee agreements. A party commenced a lawsuit as against the Seller, which was related to the subject property.

The lawyer acting for the Plaintiff approached the real estate firm and requested that they provide Affidavits containing information about the listing of the property. This lawyer made it very clear that if the firm did not provide the Affidavits voluntarily, he would either subpoena the firm and the licensees as witnesses to give evidence before the Judge, or he would obtain a Court Order pursuant to the Rules Of Court compelling the firm to give such evidence. The real estate firm, believing there was no other choice in the matter, promptly complied by providing the requested Affidavits.

As a direct and proximate result, the Seller filed a complaint with the Real Estate Council maintaining that the information contained in the Affidavits was ‚confidential‘ and that the firm had breached a duty of confidentiality owing to the Seller. As it turned out, the Affidavits were never used in the court proceedings.

The real estate brokerage, on the other hand, took the position that any duty of confidentiality arising from the agency relationship ended with the expiration of the Listing Agreement. The firm argued, moreover, that even if there was a duty of continuing confidentiality such duty would not preclude or otherwise limit the evidence that the real estate brokerage would be compelled to give under a subpoena or in a process under the Rules Of Court. And, finally, the realty company pointed out that there is no such thing as a realtor-client privilege, and that in the instant circumstances the Seller could not have prevented the firm from giving evidence in the lawsuit.

The Real Estate Council did not accept the line of defence and maintained that there exists a continuing duty of confidentiality, which extends after the expiration of the Listing Agreement. Council ruled that by providing the Affidavits both the brokerage and the two licensee had breached this duty.

The attorney-client privilege is a legal concept that protects communications between a client and the attorney and keeps those communications confidential. There are limitations to the attorney-client privilege, like for instance the fact that the privilege protects the confidential communication but not the underlying information. For instance, if a client has previously disclosed confidential information to a third party who is not an attorney, and then gives the same information to an attorney, the attorney-client privilege will still protect the communication to the attorney, but will not protect the information provided to the third party.

Because of this, an analogy can be drawn in the case of a realtor-client privilege during the existence of a Listing Agreement, whereby confidential information is disclosed to a third party such as a Real Estate Board for publication under the terms of a Multiple Listings Service agreement, but not before such information is disclosed to the real estate brokerage. In this instance the privilege theoretically would protect the confidential communication as well as the underlying information.

And as to whether or not the duty of confidentiality extends past the termination of a Listing Agreement is still a matter of open debate, again in the case of an attorney-client privilege there is ample legal authority to support the position that such privilege does in fact extend indefinitely, so that arguably an analogy can be inferred as well respecting the duration of the duty of confidentiality that the Agent owes the Seller, to the extent that such duty extends indefinitely.

This, in a synopsis, seems to be the position taken by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia in this matter.

Clearly, whether the duty of confidentiality that stems out of a Listing Agreement survives the termination of the contract is problematic to the Real Estate profession in terms of practical applications. If, for instance, a listing with Brokerage A expires and the Seller re-lists with Brokerage B, if there is a continuing duty of confidentiality on the part of Brokerage A, in the absence of express consent on the part of the Seller a Realtor of Brokerage A could not act as a Buyer’s Agent for the purchase of the Seller’s property, if this was re-listed by Brokerage B. All of which, therefore, would fly right in the face of all the rules of professional cooperation between real estate firms and their representatives. In fact, this process could potentially destabilize the entire foundation of the Multiple Listings Service system.

In the absence of specific guidelines, until this entire matter is clarified perhaps the best course of action for real estate firms and licensees when requested by a lawyer to provide information that is confidential, is to respond that the brokerage will seek to obtain the necessary consent from the client and, if that consent is not forthcoming, that the lawyer will have to take the necessary legal steps to compel the disclosure of such information.

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